Message To The Tea Parties

Obama and company are to introduce a “Smaller” version of the health bill that Obama proposed at last weeks Health Summit.  I’d say the actual cost will be, at a minimum, double than what Obama says it will cost. (Remember last time, they raised taxes the first four years of the bill before ANY funds were dispersed. An “Accounting trick from Hell” if you ask me).

Well, For all the faults of the GOP for the past ten years, you have to give them some credit now. I fully expect the vast majority, if not all, of the Republicans in Congress will vote against this bill.

I’ve heard that there is no difference in parties, and with regards to spending in the past, you might be right.  But Republicans have spent now 4 years in the political wilderness and, hopefully, they have regained some fiscal sanity.  Yes, I know TARP was Bush’s monstrosity, but that is water under the bridge (a lot of “water” I admit)

But now the battle over Healthcare is coming to a head.  The GOP is not your enemy in this fight.  The enemy is any Democrat who has supported Speaker Pelosi and Leader Reid, and all these Democrats, have just by their mere presence enabled the Democrats to have a majority power in BOTH Houses and has made this national gutting of the best health care system in the world more than possible. 

In other words, A Blue Dog Democrat who votes against the Healthcare bill has just as much blood on his hands as a Democrat who votes yes.  Just by being a Democrat, they have enabled the Loony left to control Congress and use it to strip you of your hard earned dollars as well as intruding into your most private medical decisions.

Make no mistake.  If Obama and the Democrats have their way, there will be a bureaucrat who will one day, decide if your life is worth the medical effort.  This is a fact in every country who turns to the government to provide your healthcare.

I read where Tea Parties will not endorse a candidate based on Party label, but on principles.  The problem is, however, The Democratic PARTY is in control Of BOTH Houses and the White House.

So when a Blue Dog like Allen Boyd of Florida comes calling for your vote and says “I voted against the Healthcare Bill, so I still deserve your vote”.  What is going to be your answer?

You see, like it or not, Political Parties STILL matter and sooner or later, you have to make a choice.

Choose wisely….