Some Background on The RPOF Credit Card Issue and Marco Rubio

For those of you who are not that familiar with Florida internal politics, there is a war raging with the local press and the Republican Party on the use of internal party funds and how tainted Marco Rubio is with regards to their use and trying to connect him to the Ray Sansom scandal.  Jim Greer, the recently ousted Chairman of the Republican Party Of Florida (RPOF) was using RPOF money as a personal slush fund and also using it to promote Crist over Rubio – A big No-No in any state party.

Greer is gone, but in, in all probability, leaked Rubio’s expense account right after he got the boot.  Right now there is a FORENSIC audit being done on the RPOF funds and Jim Thrasher is promising that the party will be told if the results.

The press is now in full court press to smear Rubio on his credit card use (Which pale in to the taxpayer dollars Crist has used to jaunt around the world) and to link him to Ray Sansom, the disgraced former Speaker who took over from Rubio. (Sansom is saying Rubio told him there were spare funds for funneling to our local college here, which resulted in the controversial “Emergency Center” in Destin, FL being funded, an in effect, giving wealthy republican contributor Jay Odem, a “Hanger” to store his jets. He also took a $110,000 “part time” job at the Local College, in effect, agreeing to be their lobbyist once he retired as speaker..the problem was he took the job the same day he was elected Speaker…very, very dumb, but totally unrelated to Rubio)

The Sansom scandal is a story that has been beaten to death and the only reason the press is still on the case is to a) Damage Rubio and b) Help the Democrats (or Crist if he runs as an independent).

Here are a few links to give you more background:





For the record: The prosecutor who was brought up charges was in cahoots with a paid professional Democratic operative who used an ordinary citizen to front for the original complaint.  Most of the original charges were thrown out of court.  Now the prosecutor is trying to prove to his constituents that he hasn’t wasted lots of tax dollars going after Sansom and company by filing “Grand Theft” charges against them.  In all probability these charges too will be tossed out by a judge.  Earmarks are sleazy, but not illegal.

Bottom Line: All the major papers in Florida are in full court press mode against Rubio.  They are doing their best to smear him and tear him down.  Above all, they would love to see Crist go independent and a) Split the Vote so the Democrat can win or b) Crist beat Rubio in the General election.

I urge all Floridans who read RedState to challenge these papers every time they try to smear Rubio.  It is not hard.  I’ve only been in the blogging business a little less than a year, but as a former Intel officer who had to follow the press (as well as the Intel messages), I can readily say the vast majority of Newspaper writers in the US are not that bright.  Let’s not even mention Katie Couric.

And it is real easy to get them to lose their cool… here are a few examples:





All it takes is a keyboard, a little logic and a spell checker and you can usually drive your local paper mad…