Charlie Crist goes for the Jugular...Winds up in the Armpit....

Recent Charlie Crist interviews raises three issues that demonstrate why he should not be elected U.S. Senator from Florida.

Issue #1:

Here is a link to a very friendly interview of Governor Crist by the Palm Beach Post. In it he claims that by charging a 7 bucks for lunch (while on Party Business) smacks of “financial desperation” by Marco Rubio. Here is the actual quote:

“It looks like an act of financial desperation when you’re charging a $7 sandwich at Chik-fil-a. That doesn’t sound like sound financial management of your personal income,” Crist said in an interview Friday with The Palm Beach Post editorial board.

I take it that Charlie would have felt better about it If Speaker Rubio ordered “Chateaubriand for Six” for lunch?

When I first endorsed Marco Rubio last year, it was more out of reaction to Crist’s embrace of the Obama Stimulus bill and the subsequent “manly” hug of Obama at a campaign event to promote it. I knew Rubio was a conservative and I realized he was long shot. Political figures in my area told me I was backing a loser and that if Crist doesn’t get the nomination, it will go Democrat. My, my what a difference a year makes. And Crist has done nothing but make me more confident that I made the right choice.

As I watched this race develop, I’ve noticed that Marco Rubio’s “personal” finances would on occasion, be brought up by a hostile press. I remember Rubio being formally interviewed by a couple of journalists (with many of the questions about Obama’s tripling of the debt and the “Porkulus” bill), when, completely out of the blue, one of the reporters accused the Speaker of hypocrisy by being in debt himself. The nature of that Debt? Rubio’s mortgages on his family home and a vacation home.

Huh? having a mortgage on your home and making on-time payments on said mortgage, makes you a deadbeat? (Remember, If you can’t make payments on a home that you bought way of above what your income warrants, you are a victim, at least according to Democrats). It was the lowest of blows, a completely facetious question only meant to smear the Speaker as financial hypocrite. I can’t prove it, but the question smacked of political opposition research being fed to friendly reporter and the only beneficiary for this type of gutter politics was Charlie Crist.

Fast forward to today and the Governor gives an interview on the leaking of Rubio’s credit card reports (Gee, let me think…hmmm..who would have motive for leaking of those reports and have a crony in the position for access in order to leak aforementioned reports?….hmmm… dare I say Charlie Crist and his thuggish tool, Jim Greer?)

So our perpetually tanned, immaculately groomed “Newlywed” Governor goes to a liberal MSM paper and, without batting an eye, engages in the most vicious and downright dishonest political smears of his opponent, accusing him of poverty and having to essentially bilking the party to support himself, and by implication, his family.

Let me state, on the record, there is no greater insult to a honest man who takes pride in his family, works hard to put bread on the table and, above all, makes it sure his wife and children are provided for now and in the future, than to accuse him of being unable to do so without resorting to illicit or illegal activities. It is utterly contemptible for Governor Crist to imply or suggest this and he owes Marco Rubio a personal and public apology.

Let me make this clear: The massive abuses of RPOF funds occurred under Jim Greer’s watch and Jim Greer is a wholly own subsidiary of Charlie Crist. Crist is just trying to deflect the spotlight from his support of his minion (and himself) by resorting to gutter politics. PERIOD.

Issue #2:

Here is a link to the same friendly MSM Outlet where Crist says he wouldn’t scrap the Obama Healthcare plan.

WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MAN DRINKING? Did he not see the that silly healthcare summit? Did he not get the message that it is the expressed position by the entire Congressional Republican Caucus in both Senate and House that we should scrap the ENTIRE Democratic HealthCare efforts to date and start from a blank sheet?
What does it take for Crist to get onboard with the Republican plan? Is he so clueless that he doesn’t know the position that his party is taking on this? Is he not reading the papers, watching the news? Reading This Blog? (I don’t get many hits on my site, but I do get an occasional one form the Governor’s office).

Didn’t Governor Crist learn anything from his stimulus “man-hug” with Obama? Charlie, Why not just paint “RINO” on your forehead and get it over with.

Which brings us to Issue # 3: Will Charlie Run as an Independent if it looks like he will lose the primary to Rubio (Hell let’s be honest, he WILL lose the primary to Rubio).

In this article, Crist’s good buddies in the MSM ask him if he plans going the independent route if it becomes apparent he will lose to Rubio. I quote from the article:

” Crist said political advisers have raised the possibility, but said he will not change parties.”

Let me get this straight Governor: You have political advisers who are suggesting you could run as an independent??? As a member of the Okaloosa County Republican Executive Committee, I had to take an oath to always vote Republican. Yet you, the most senior Republican in our state, have advisors talking to you about running as an independent and backstabbing our party?

Uh….YOU SHOULD FIRE THESE TURNCOATS!!!!!!!!!!!! If you have people on your staff exploring the possibility of you running as an independent, then as a card carrying Republican, you are required to can these people. I know for a fact that if I showed up our monthly Republican Executive Committee meeting and started to say I won’t support the Republican who wins the primary and would support the Democrat or Independent, My County Chairman would have me kicked out and expelled from the Executive Committee in less time than one of your Tanning Booth sessions.

So let’s sum up the results of your interviews:

You are prepared to question Marco Rubio’s family finances. My response: Then you and your wife’s finances are fair game as well.

You think the Democratic health care bill should be the basis for compromise by the Republicans. My response: I insist that you submit yourself to a urine analysis and a blood test because you have got to be on drugs to even suggest this. If you came back clean, then I insist you be given a vision test, a hearing test and a literacy test, because you would have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not know what the UNITED stand of the national party is on this issue. If you pass this, then it’s time to have “RINO” tattooed on your forehead.

You got people on your staff suggesting (or even making preps?) that you run as an independent. My response: FIRE THEM NOW or take heat in the remaining days before the primary for keeping these people on the state or party payroll.

That’s it for now. I won’t even comment on how stupid it was of you to take on the “Tea Parties” . I got to leave something for my local Tea Party to blog about….

Comments welcome.