Florida Republicans: This is We Should Fire Charlie Crist on August 24, 2010

Jim Greer is the obvious source for this story.

And make no mistake, Charlie Crist was the one who made it happen.  What is amazing is that there is no real scandal in the records, even when cherry picking expenses.

A FORENSIC audit (That is an audit looking for Criminal Activity) is currently underway with the RPOF funds and results are expected (I hope) to be given to the County Chairs. (Hat tip to my Local Tea party for the audit lesson given last night).

This smacks of desperation by Crist. He should be desperate, because he is about to become a lame duck Governor come 24 August 2010.  And any hope of political resurrection gone.  He just burned his last bridge with the GOP with this last act.

I urge all Republicans take this official “BloggyBayou” vow:

“For the rest of my Life, I hereby vow I will only vote for Charlie Crist only if he runs for Assistant Dog Catcher of Boward county, PERIOD. No exceptions.”

I am a kind soul…I want the man to be useful for something after he is no longer Governor….