A Reminder To The RPOF From One of the Republican Lowly "Grunts"

I make no claim to be a major player in The RPOF or the GOP, or even in the running of my home county, Okaloosa.  I work for a living, logging my hours for “The Man”, am a full time father and husband and a part time blogger and GOP activist. 

I’m the guy who doesn’t count his political donations in the thousands, but in the low hundreds.  I am sure that if I were a rich man, gave the limit to multiple Republican office holders and candidates, I would be probably planning my trip to Orlando this weekend or talking on the phone with the RPOF candidates I support. In sum, if you were to rate me on the “Grassroots” scale, I be the part that is minor shoot off the main root and buried so deep, that I’d never see the light of day.

But by being so low down the totem pole, I am free to speak, give advice and not worry about the consequences….I’ve really got nothing to lose.  So here goes, my advice to the RPOF for what must come out of this weekend’s meeting:

1) A United Party.  No matter if your guy or gal didn’t get elected, swallow your pride and accept the election of the people chosen. 

2) In order for #1 to happen, there must be a commitment that a full, fair and OPEN audit of RPOF funds MUST OCCUR and occur PROMPTLY.  The press is having a field day reaming the RPOF over Jim Greer and the misuse of party funds and no amount of stonewalling will stop this story from bleeding off support.  It is a political lesson that never seems to sink in.  It is not the crime, it is the COVER UP that gets you every time. If the news is bad or embarrassing, it is best we get it out and over with ASAP. The results of the audit must be made to the County Chairs and Committee reps.  They in turn, must give a full and fair summary to their fellow Republicans.  The audit and report by the new Chairman should be available by the “Ides of March”..literally.  Don’t do this and the RPOF will do long term damage to it’s brand.  I cannot emphasize this point enough!

3) Do This: http://www.bloggybayou.com/2010/02/time-for-republican-party-of-florida.html.  We need to be much more aggressive in getting our message out, and that means having a message of real ideas and real solutions and doing with a flair and not without a sense of humor or satire.  To steal a line from Art Linkletter, “Democrats say the Darnedest Things” and we should take full advantage of that fact.  We need to have our RPOF News Site up and running by the August primary.  It is never to early to start bashing Democrats …becasue they deserve it!

So, there you go.  Come back home after this weekend with new leadership, a timetable to clean up RPOF finances and a bold plan to get our ideas out to the good people of Florida. 

Florida is one of the more important states and that makes the RPOF one of the more important state Republican organizations.  I say that again, the RPOF is one of the more (if not the most) important State Republican Organizations. So this weekend is our chance to get back on track and be on the “bleeding” edge of the Republican Renaissance of 2010 and 2012. Let’s not waste it.