For Mr. Erickson: On Birthers, Truthers and…Creationists?

Mr. Erickson:

You were wise to stop brithers and truthers from posting.  I see much akin to Buckley’s calling out the John Birch society in the 50’s.   I am a member of our county republican  executive committee and there are some republicans I have met who are birthers . ( I have not met any who are truthers)


However, I am the son of a Doctor, am fairly educated myself and I consider myself a fairly rational man.  I was raised a Southern Baptist, but could not , as I grew older accept many of the teachings of the Bible as literal. This proved to be a problem in my church (but not with Dad or Mom). 


This is not to say I don’t believe in a monotheistic God, it just says I can’t accept the basic tenants of Christianity (i.e., Jesus was a product of a virgin birth, literally was the son of God, and “whosoever believeith in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”, etc.) 


Now, I’ve known what is to be like a death’s door, with tubes and masks and lying helpless on a hospital bed.  I was worried for my son, my wife, but I was not worried about my soul.  If you have been in such a situation, you will understand , however, if you have not, you cannot fully comprehend the feeling.


My wife is Buddhist and I have let my Son attend different churches with his friends and sent him to “vacation bible school” and Christian camps.  However, I have made it clear that his choice of faith is entirely up to him.  He is 14 now and still thinks about it and we still have talks on the nature of God and the world.  As for my wife, I can no more believe that she is condemned to hell for not being a Christian , than I can believe the sun will rise in the west…


This is all leading up to the 64 dollar question: Do you consider “creationists” in the same league as birthers and truthers.  If  not, why?  While I am aware that the theory of evolution is just that, a theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scientific_theory) : subject to confirmation of facts or abandonment due to new facts.  The classic example of disproving an accepted theory was Einstein’s work on the nature gravity which disproved Newton’s theory (simply put: Newton==Gravity Pulls, Einstein == Gravity pushes).


I find creationism is, at it’s very core, not a science but a religion and totally unable to reconcile itself to many scientific facts (carbon-14 dating, galactic red shift movement, speed of light and the time it takes for a galaxy to become visible to us on  Earth) 


I don’t condemn such beliefs but I do not believe them to be actual science.  As for my Son, this too will be choice for him as he grows older and more mature.  I am aware that by posting  this in a diary it might provoke a firestorm.  For some reason, this issue inflames passions and the use of logic by both sides generally dissolves into heated insults.


However, I, personally, feel that creationists to be the same league as Birthers and truthers..people who believe in a “theory” that falls apart when presented with cold hard facts.  And does it really matter when it comes to politics?  Many will say it does because (I’ll be frank) it shows a serious disregard for actual scientific evidence.  As far as I am concerned, it ranks right up there with belief man-made global warming (A product of corrupt Science…Science is above all, about discovering and understanding the truth about nature based on provable facts)


As for what should be taught in grades k-12?  We should expect our children to concentrate on computer science, advanced chemistry, advanced Biology, advanced physics and advanced mathematics, English grammar and with the emphasis of making sure they can express themselves coherently and correctly.  These subjects alone should be enough to fill their plates.  Let the war on evolution vs. creationism be something we leave up to our children to take sides on after they graduate High School. (PS: I forgot a good civics class and history with an emphasis on western civilization).


And, As a bonus: sex education should concentrate on the specific, scientific biological nature of the act and miracle of how all species reproduce.  I’ve already had the “talk” with my son and when he starts dating, I will continue to have the “talk”.