Tenure and The University System of Privileged Elites: Ideas Welcome

A Harvard educated elite got denied tenure at a state school yesterday and decided the insult was so great, that she had the right to snuff out the life three of her peers and critically wound several more. I consider this crime as a chance to talk about the antiquated concept of granting Professors “tenure”.

Why do we accept an educational system that is supported by our tax dollars that gives individuals lifetime job security regardless of their performance? I remember in 1980, drinking a beer with a bunch of students and a professor who was considered “cool” and hung around good looking coeds. Once he had a few beers under his belt, he started bragging how great it was being a professor and the liberty he had to say and do what he liked since he had been granted tenure. He literally said “I could get caught banging a student in the hallway and they can’t fire me.”

He was (and is) right. And why should we accept a system that uses tenure in the way they hire and maintain University staffs? And I’m talking about all colleges and universities, including so called “private” universities like Harvard and Yale, who use their tax-exempt status to accumulate billions in endowments and get millions of tax payer “grants”.

We need to rethink the way we approach higher learning. Something is drastically wrong when we have a system that pumps out more lawyers than we need and less medical doctors and hard science graduates than we require. We are outsourcing our technological needs and importing doctors and engineers from countries like India, China and Pakistan to meet our immediate in- country science and medical needs.

I state for the record, the rising, out of control costs of sending a child to college and that college successfully teaching that child the skill sets that we, as a nation, need to remain a first tier power is greater threat to our national security than the need to reform an overhyped Medical Crisis.

We need to incentivize our system to produce more engineers, scientists and medical doctors and less on liberal arts and lawyers. My question is: How do we do it free market style and what reforms do we need to make in our State Run universities to make it more affordable?

Ideas and comments welcome.

PS: Please Hurry with the ideas and solutions, My Son is already 14!