A Chance for A Real Conservative to be Senator from Florida

For Redstate Readers: I know you are aware of the “Money Bomb” (I think you guys may have invented it). I say that so you know the context of my letter I sent to Florida Citizens in both my local Tea party and leaders of my Local Republican party.  They may not be aware of the concept..anyway..give money to Marco!


Folks, I usually post about issues and I have never asked you about raising funds for conservatives. I am going to make an exception because there is a political earthquake happening in Florida.

The big news is that in a poll Marco Rubio is leading Gov. Charlie Crist 49%-37%. What was once unthinkable has now become doable…. The election of a real conservative as United States Senator from Florida.

However, now IS NOT the time to take a break or assume the race is over. Already, Main Stream Media outlets, both in print and on TV are starting to attack Speaker Rubio. They know that despite their own leftist outlook, 2010 is shaping up to be a Republican year. If that is the case, they want elected a Republican who is willing to compromise his principles for some fast money. In other words, If they can’t get a Democrat elected, Charlie Crist is the next best thing.

Now is the time to show the MSM and Obama left that bedrock conservatives will not be intimidated or mislead by biased newspaper reports and editorials. It’s time for a “Money Bomb” for Marco Rubio.

A “Money Bomb” is a intense, time-limited push for donations, even if it is a few bucks, from grassroots Republicans and like minded independents to a candidate that has a darn good chance of taking the seat in question and making it a seat that will oppose the Obama and left’s agenda.  This “Money Bomb” concept was done with great results in Scott Brown’s run in Massachusetts and provided critical funding that enabled him, a Republican, to win what was formerly known as the Ted Kennedy seat. That one effort alone quite probably stopped the passage of Obamacare.

We can have the same type of impact with a “Money Bomb” for Marco Rubio. With the release of the latest polls showing him pulling ahead of Crist, a massive coordinated effort has been made to both smear and demean the Speaker, both as a man and as a public servant. This is no accident and I strongly suspect the Crist campaign is behind much of these efforts.

If Marco does not have the funds to actively defend himself and spread the word of conservative values….Then there is a more than even chance that Charlie Crist will stage a comeback. Already Governor Crist has shown a willingness to work with and for President Obama’s radical agenda. That does not bode well for America’s future because we can’t afford to have a “RINO” as our Senator from Florida. For those of you that live outside of Florida, believe me on this: If you look up “RINO” in the dictionary, you will find Charlie Crist’s picture.

Speaker Rubio has dubbed his effort a “Stimulus Bomb” to mark the anniversary President Obama’s trip to Florida and Charlie Crist’s endorsement of Obama’s wasteful stimulus (aka “Porkulus”) bill.

A year ago, everyone said Charlie Crist, the ultimate mushy middle Republican was the only one who could win the U.S. Senate Seat for the Republicans. I am proud of the fact that I was one of the first to say Marco Rubio not only could, but would win. Now a real conservative leads both Crist and the Democrat in the race by double digits. Your generous donation will help ensure Marco Rubio WINS by double digits this November.

Click here for Marco Rubio’s statement and appeal, as well as a site where you can donate funds.

Thanks in advance,