When Politicians Lose Touch With Their Constituents

Here is a link to a series of Emails I had with my Congressman, Jeff Miller (R-FL), District 1. Well, let’s be honest…It was probably a series of Emails I had with Mr. Miller’s staff. Considering the amount of mail and Email that comes in, it is a necessary fact that practically all Congressmen use their staff to compose and write the vast bulk of their correspondence when dealing with small fry like myself.

The issue was the recent granting of complete diplomatic immunity to INTERPOL. With the mounting action of grassroots activism on the importance of 10th Amendment rights and limiting the encroachment of the Federal Government into local affairs, I felt that this diminishment of U.S. sovereignty was also an area of concern and I wrote an Email to Congressman Miller to express my displeasure. (For background, here is a link to National Review’s Andrew McCarthy’s take on the issue)

To my complete surprise, I get a response back from our Congressman and in effect, he says no big deal. And in addition he states:

“With all the flawed policies and misguided priorities of this administration, it is pointless to create or spread misinformation and half-truths about President Obama’s policies and decisions. Doing so undermines the credibility of conservatives and distracts from the real challenges we face as we work to stop government run health care, cap and trade and reckless spending.”

I disagreed with the Congressman’s assessment and responded with another Email. I especially took exception with the above paragraph and stated:

“This paragraph was insulting as it was unnecessary. It’s oblique insinuation that by raising questions about Presidents signing of executive order is somehow the province of right-wing loons or such ilk and that by asking you, my representative, if this is an area of concern is both a waste of your time and silly. You or your staff have insulted someone who has supported you in the past. Bad move.”

Mr. Miller responded with another Email and when I read it, it dawned on me that my Congressman just didn’t get it or that he (or his staff) really didn’t put an real effort into his response. It is disheartening to realize that the man who is your voice in Congress isn’t the sharpest kid on the block or he has surrounded himself with some really mediocre people. 

Take this excerpt from his Email:

“And when INTERPOL opened its liaison office in New York in 2004, the State Department under President Bush recommended the change to remove the rest of the limitations on INTERPOL…… The request rolled over to the Obama Administration.”

So what this tells me is that the East Coast Ivy League Elites Bureaucrats who control the State Department, despised George W. Bush and feels we should move to the European model of government of “rule by the educated elites” made a recommendation to give complete immunity on U.S. soil to an International Police and Intelligence Organization and President Bush, rightly so, ignored it. Fast forward five years and President Obama eagerly grants this organization full immunity on United States soil and my supposedly conservative Republican Congressman thinks it is no big deal?

In his response Congressman Miller also stated:

“the Justice Department’s INTERPOL Bureau has confirmed that it will continue to respond to FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests as it always has.”

What is left unspoken is that with full immunity, INTERPOL is free to change its mind and not respond. In addition, with opening of Independent INTERPOL Offices on U.S. soil (New York City), they are free to conduct business and intelligence gathering without fear from any supervision or investigation unless the President of the United States specifically revokes the immunity that has been granted. In other words, another layer of the bureaucracy has been placed between the common citizen and the search for the truth.

Congressman Miller also states

“The Executive Order does not grant INTERPOL any authority to supersede the Constitution.”

 He is quite right. What he fails to mention is that INTERPOL while on U.S. now has COMPLETE IMMUNITY from the Constitution, which is a whole lot more convenient.

Finally, Congressman Miller attempts to sooth my ruffled feathers by stating

“I will demand the President waive immunity for any organization that does not act in the interest of the American people.”

Well, that’s good to know that my Congressman can make demands, but I strongly suspect if it came down to his demanding specific action be done by the Obama administration or his demanding the Earth to stop rotation, you would get better odds in Vegas of the latter happening.

I am not some right-wing “nut job” who thinks that there is a Rockefeller/Mason/Trilateralist plot to dominate the world. I do believe that it is increasingly apparent that the United Nations since its Charter Meeting in San Francisco in 1945 has evolved into a very corrupt organization that is hopelessly ineffective in resolving international disputes and has become an increasingly Anti-Semitic in its actions.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, while technically independent of the UN, does report to the UN Secretariat, has proven itself a farce with regards to stopping the spread of Nuclear Weapons (See India/Pakistan/North Korea and now Iran).

The UN itself has morphed into a “Bash the US/West” club and is increasingly thinking up of ways to extort or tax America’s wealth and redistribute it (with a healthy cut to UN Bureaucrats). If you don’t believe me, look up the UN’s latest efforts on the increasingly debunked theory of “Man-made Global Warming”. And if you need any more convincing on the hopelessly corrupt nature of the UN, look up the Oil-for-Food Scandal that was the UN was up to their neck in after the first Gulf War.

FL-District 1 is one most reliably Republican/Conservative districts in the nation (it is a safe seat for Republicans…We could nominate Max, my 13 year old Labrador Retriever in 2010 as our Republican candidate in FL-District 1 and Max would win the election). However, I suspect that if one lined up all the FL-District 1 folks who are going to vote for Mr. Miller in 2010 and allowed them to listen to a debate between me and the good Congressman on the implications of President Obama’s granting of full immunity to INTERPOL and then have them vote for the side they agreed with, I strongly suspect I would walk away with up to 80% of the vote.

It is, of course, a moot question for 2010. Jeff Miller has no real opposition for the upcoming Primary and General Election and he will get my vote. However, If he continues to exhibit what is an apparently increasingly tin ear to the desires and principles of his base, I strongly suspect that this base will be looking for an alternative to Mr. Miller in the Republican Primary of 2012.

So Mr. Miller: Don’t expect disenchanted Republicans (who are attending Tea parties in greater numbers that organized Republican Party meetings) to be willing to automatically punch your ticket again in 2012 if you decide to run again. If I were you, I’d beef up your staff, start making more personal appearances and be better prepared to answer questions about healthcare, budget and earmarks. And for Pete’s sake, don’t rubber stamp stupid and dangerous Obama administration actions, especially in the area of Foreign Relations and International Organizations. You misread your base (Badly) on the INTERPOL issue.

This is the ONLY pass you will get from me from here on out.