FDR and Obama....Two peas in a Pod?


The above post is fairly lengthy (and an early effort of mine) but it IS multimedia! There is a Link there where you can download FDR’s fireside chat of April 1938 in mp3 format. (If you have children or Grandchildren I urge you to get them to listen to it…It is part of America’s history)

In FDR’s chat, It will stun you as to how much the situation then is like now and how much of Obama’s State Of the Union Address is just like FDR’s fireside Chat.

FDR fought the good war for us in WWII. However, his New Deal was an abject failure. However, FDR had the press in his pocket and he WAS a brilliant politician. Make no mistake, in politics, FDR took no prisoners. There was nothing bipartisan about him when it came to domestic politics.

I urge you to read this post and to pass it to fellow citizens and, like I suggested, get your children or grandchildren to listen and then talk to them about those times and now. I had a wonderful talk with my son after he listened to this and now he avidly follows the news.