Two Sites that Deserve Floridians (and Non Floridians!) Attention

Here are two good sites recommended to me by two different people. The first site was recommended to me by my State Senator, Don Gaetz. the site is http://www.transparencyflorida.gov/. Senator Gaetz sent me the link and I’ll quote from his Email:

“While Florida may have government in the sunshine, we still have spending in the shade. Too few of us attend budget meetings and fewer still dig through the thick budget books published by state and local government. Starting today, it will be much easier for you, and 18 million other Floridians, to look over the shoulder of state agencies and get an in-depth look at how they spend your tax dollars. TransparencyFlorida.gov puts Florida’s checkbook on line. “

FYI: The site is a work in progress, and different areas of Florida’s state government will gradually phased in. Go to the site to check it out and for more details.

The other site was recommended to me by Mr. Henry Kelley, Vice Chairman of the Fort Walton Beach Tea party and lead dog of their Legislative Team. The site is a site to track the mammoth Stimulus bill (aka “Porkulus”) passed early this year by Congress. It is located at http://stimuluswatch.org/2.0/.

Mr. Kelly empathized that this is NOT a site to register your opinion on whether the stimulus was a waste of money…that train for much of the funds has left the station. Rather it is a site for you to:
a) See how many jobs per project were created with YOUR tax dollars and
b) You vote up or down if the project is worth it (for example the interchange near the NW Florida Airport that is being built to relieve traffic congestion in the area)

Go here:  http://fwbteaparty.wordpress.com/2010/01/12/stimulus-watch-website/ to get the gist of the mission of this site and to understand what its goals are. Henry does a much better job than I explaining it.

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I’ve got some opinions about the race for RPOF Chairman, but I’m going to let them “percolate” for a few more days before I voice them. 20 February is still a few weeks away.

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