Republicans: The Time for Action on Healthcare is NOW

Scott Brown’s election to the Senate has left the Democrats in disarray.  Now is the time for Conservatives and Republicans in Congress to act.

First, here are multiple posts that I have made in the past about Republican Healthcare Alternatives to the Democrats:

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What does all this information have in common. A total lack of publicity and effort to sell the ideas by the National Republican Party. The advertisement of Republican alternatives to the Democratic healthcare plan has been, at best, anemic. With the election of Scott Brown as Senator and the apparent “No Mas” coming from Democrats as varied as Barney Frank and Jim Webb, Republicans have been granted a miracle reprieve and a brand new chance to take charge of Healthcare reform.

Now is not the time for politics as usual. Republicans should quickly come out with a plan centered around major tort reform and free market solutions for healthcare and take the offense. It is now obvious that the Democrats cannot rationally defend their plan and win. Why? Because they are trying to explain the unexplainable and defend the indefensible.

Now is the time for the Republicans on the Hill to craft a sensible, concise and EASILY EXPLAINED bill of reform that promotes tort reform, competition and cuts costs. They should also get their combined staffs made up with the experts on Healthcare and put together a “Message to Americans” that explains clearly and plainly, what the Republican healthcare plan entails and how it will reduce healthcare costs. It should be no more than TEN (10!) pages (or less!) long. It should be written with respect for the average person and clearly and concisely spell out how the Republican plan would work and how it will, in the long term, improve the American Healthcare system for all current Americans and their descendents. Along with the 10 page letter, there should also be a PowerPoint Presentation that our elected Representatives can use when they hold Townhalls to talk with their constituents.

The Republican ideas and proposals are already on paper. The experts and staff are on hand. (They WORK for you Congressmen/Senators!) Appoint someone in charge, throw them in a room and tell them to come up with a paper in a week for your review. “Murder” board it (aka “critique it”) make the changes you want and then unleash it with a major PR push. (When I was an Intel officer we did major research projects like this overnight. All you needed was a guy-in-charge, subject matter experts, computers and a lot of coffee)

Folks, I’m sending this to my Congressman and other congressional leaders. But I am just one voice. Tell your fellow Republicans and Conservative Independents to contact their Republican Representatives and Senators and tell them you want action, NOW

We won last night. Don’t let it go to waste. Grab the initiative, Republicans. Save our future.