NY Governor (D-NY) caught with another Woman!: Let's Just Hope She Wasn't a "Working Girl" /s off

There must be something in the water in Albany…. And why was Gov. Paterson conducting this alleged affair at a New Jersey steakhouse!!??? 

I know for a fact the NY City has some Fine Steak Houses…for example: Sparks Steak House located at 210 East 46th Street between Second & Third Avenues in Midtown Manhattan.  Just ask anyone in the Gambino Crime Family…..It’s the “Tops in Steaks and Chops!”

Obviously there is a crisis of confidence in Albany with their Governor.  First Spitzer and now Patterson.  It’s time for the Democrats to nominate a man WHO HAS NEVER BEEN CAUGHT BY A CAMERA FOR ALMOST 40 YEARS, the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton (let’s not get into that pesky DNA/Blue dress issue). 

What ya say RedStaters?  Worth a “Recco”?