What Now for the Republican Party Of Florida?

First of all, I must say Jim Greer, after months of fighting the inevitable, when confronted with the hard reality of grassroots wanting him gone, had the good sense to do it before the 9 January meeting. Unlike a lot of people who say he left with grace, I am not one of them. I found his resignation letter to be petty in blaming a small, disgruntled slice of the party to be responsible for his fall. My only comeback, if we were so small a section of the party, why couldn’t you put us in our place. Either you were incompetent or we were not such a small contingent of the party. I leave it to you, dear reader, to render your own judgment on the matter of Jim Greer.

Now I say, the internecine warfare in the RPOF is OVER. Senator John Thrasher is our party Chairman till after the 2010 election and I support him. From all accounts that I can gather from the press, he will be much more neutral with regards to primary races and enjoys an excellent reputation for honesty. The deed is done Republicans of Florida and it now time to concentrate on who we choose to be our candidates in August and above all, we start hammering Democrats regardless of who we support in the primary! I hereby make this vow: The Republican who wins his/her primary in the great State of Florida, I WILL SUPPORT WHOLEHEARTEDLY, with as much money as my wife will let me donate (yeah, yeah, I can hear the jeers from my fellow males but 9 out of 10 of you are in the same boat as I am…hypocrites) and as much blogging I can do.

The BIG QUESTION IS: So where do we go from here?

I’ll let the party pros worry about campaign swings and stump speeches. Where I want to concentrate on is the online presence of the RPOF. In two words I can sum it up: IT SUCKS. Go to the two premier sites: http://www.rpof.org/ (RPORG) and http://www.drivethediscussion.com/ (DTD). The content is dated, the information is as bland as cardboard and I totally don’t get a thrill up my leg when reading it. On DTD I’ve been looking at the same picture of Senator LeMieux for a goddamn month and on RPORG, all I get is lukewarm “Rah-Rah” stuff on the front page. Drill further into that site and you will find that its sections are updated haphazardly, if at all.

This is totally unacceptable. My Background is in intelligence. You had fresh Intel for the boss everyday or you got your ass fired. The World is not static and nor should our web sites be. So I’m asking Senator Thrasher and My Senator, Don Gaetz (who I still support despite his rail vote…I’m not a 100% “agree with me guy”, but I am a “fight like hell till the vote is taken” guy) to order a review of these two sites with an eye towards making them “The Premier Intelligence and Campaign center for the State of Florida for all issues Local and National”. Be a Hero for the Republican Party on this Senator Gaetz, lead the charge on this and help Senator Thrasher make the changes ASAP. (And I mean ASAP!!!!)

We need to turn these two “poodle sites” into “Raging Wild Bull Elephant sites that have razor sharp tusks“. We need to, on a daily basis, spill Democrat blood on the floor and use their still living guts to grease the keyboards of the editors and managers of these sites. We need to have active links to the cutting edge Republican and Conservative sites out there (RedState, HotAir, American Thinker, etc) and showcase these sites work. We need to start pointing out how the Democrats on a national level is running our country into the ground. And yes, tell folks it’s time to HIT THE PANIC button this November 2, 2010 and vote Republican.

We need to use these sites to raise the issues that need be addressed and challenge our candidates to staff then submit serious, thoughtful papers that address those issues. Issues like “Why have we abandoned Nuclear power and how do we get back on track?”; Issues like “Why are we failing our children when it comes to teaching them hard science?” ; Issues like “Here is how we can reduce the cost of healthcare WITHOUT creating a government bureaucracy that will swallow trillions of Dollars?”.

I hereby Challenge My Congressman, Jeff Miller, to get with his fellow conservatives and put together a coherent, easy to understand point paper that clearly outlines what the Republicans would do if they win the House in 2010 to reverse/improve any Healthcare legislation signed into law by Obama this year – I know he has plans and innovative ideas, because I heard him speak directly to a crowd of 300 about them. Let’s use our websites to communicate those ideas to 300 million! I give them two (2) weeks to put it together. I used to put together papers like that for the Admiral and his staff in a day. With two weeks and all the combined staffs of Miller and his fellow conservative Republicans have, I expect a masterpiece of logic and clarity with plenty of Democrat blood on the floor. We put it online on the Florida RPOF Sites and Get Michael Steele to put it on the anemic RNC national site. Then we spread the word to all the Conservative and Republican websites out there to carry it. We used to be the party of Ideas. Let’s see some Ideas come from our Congressmen to show the country we already have people there who KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND WILL BE IN CHARGE IF WE KICK THE DEMOCRATS OUT IN NOVEMBER! THAT IS IMPORTANT: NO MORE ROOKIES LIKE OBAMA AND HIS ILK!

Let’s give web space to all legally on-the-ballot Florida Republicans to write what their plans are and make them defend them by allowing registered users comment on them. Break the site pages down by Federal Congressional District, State house and Senate District. Let our Senate contenders debate online, point paper, by point paper.

Above all, every day the Front pages of both these sites should reflect new content and be updated regularly during day. It should be slam, bang hard hitting exposes of the Democrats in DC, nationwide and in Florida The days of all politics being local ARE OVER! Television, 24 hour news cycle and the Internet killed that concept YEARS AGO. So don’t fight it, EMBRACE IT. Let’s make the our site the envy of every state Republican Party and lets show Michael Steele HOW IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE DONE (The RNC national site is as big a joke as ours, if not bigger..all it does is ask for money) .

In Summary: Our goals should be:
a) Make these sites a must visit every day for all active Republicans in Florida.
b) Make these sites a must visit multiple times a day for every Florida journalist.
c) Make these sites a must visit for Republicans across the land.
d) Make these sites the Democrats WORST NIGHTMARE.

We have the money and the staff to make this happen. Put an aggressive, hard core Partisan Republican in charge of both sites and put techno geeks and hard charging professional staffers at his disposal; Take some of my ideas, run and expand on them; create a “Tiger Team” of young gung-ho Republican Party Staffers in charge of the Front pages and give them one order: MAKE THE DEMOCRATS PAY FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE. SHOW THE PEOPLE THE HYPOCRISY OF OBAMA, PELOSI AND REID. (And while you are at it: Make people know there ain’t no such thing as a “Blue Dog Democrat”, they are all “Pelosi” Democrats!!)

One Blogpost or Email is not going to make this happen. The only way to make this happen is for the County Republican Executive Committees and Republican Grassroots MAKE IT HAPPEN, DEMAND IT. Email all the State Senators I have CC’d on this Email (Their Email is In the Public Domain- This is their Contact Email I got off the RPOF site) Email Your State House Rep with this message (They Make It more Difficult go here to access their “Format” system of Contact:
And above all, pass this Email on to your Fellow REC members and fellow Republicans and have them contact their State party/Senators and Representatives.  Mediocre Performance from our Online sites must be a thing of the past.

We Republicans are light years behind the Democrats as far as getting our official message out via the web. Let us make the Republican Party Of Florida the Gold Standard for Internet and Web based information/campaign efforts for all state Republican parties and for that sorry excuse of a national web site, http://www.gop.com/

Finally: Grant me “Carte Blanche” blogging rights on both sites, because a) I hate Democrats and b) I not just your run-of-the-mill A**hole; I’m a NAVY TRAINED A**HOLE..they don’t get any meaner than that.