This is "Inside The Beltway" Journalism at its most self-absorbed Worst

Dana Milbank should be handcuffed to a chair and be forced to meet with every relative of every person who died on 9/11 or died in the skies over Lockerbie in Pan Am Flight 103. 

Here is the link to his opinion piece

Money Quote his concept of winning the war against Al-Qaeda:

Keeping al-Qaeda to this level of “nuisance” terrorism should be the goal. Attacks by small, uncoordinated cells are harder to prevent, but they aren’t as devastating. In the war on terrorism, limiting the enemy to his Frighty Whities is about the best we can hope for.

This is what the left and the Washington Beltway Crowd think of this war. We on the right see it a clash of civilizations. Our brave men and women are fighting to keep this medieval view of life (that is already permeating the cultures of Europe) from spreading to ours.

Dana Milbank thinks as long as we can keep describing them as “Fruit of the Loom” clowns, we will have won, or at least kept the terror on a manageable level.

When these fanatics finally score another plane hit job (and make no mistake THEY WILL), I suggest we send Dana Milban to console all the stunned and grieving family members by telling them “Fruit of the Loom” terrorist jokes.

The Washington Post should be ashamed to have allowed this man to print this opinion piece. In WWII, such bastards as Dana Milbank would have been fired.

Here is the Washington Post ombudsman’s Email address: [email protected]

Pass this along to everyone you know. Lets melt the Washingtom Ombudsman Email line.