Over at Pajamas Media, Michael Ledeen has a good Post on Iran

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Here is my response:

Mr. Ledeen:

I know you want a non-violent way for the US to aid the Greens, and while sending them “modern” phones is a innovative idea, I bet dollars to donuts, the regime has Chicom IT “contractors” standing by to shut down any efforts to circumvent the new comms and enforce an improved Electronic crackdown. Same goes for blocking sat comms and radio. Once again, expert Chicom contractors standing by. Note how much better the regime got after the initial protests. And unfortunately, and I consider this criticism of my own country, if we can’t see it on TV or YouTube, it gets ZERO attention form our political elites because as far as our own people are concerned, it’s like a tree falling the woods with no one to hear. Who makes it in the playoffs is more important to US right now. Sad but true.

I fully expect the Obama administration to steer clear of the Iran issue. Obama is not gonna get involved. Not gonna happen. No way, no how.

Next window of opportunity for the Greens will be when Ali Khamenei dies (any news on his health?) If Ahmadinejad weathers that storm, well, our best bet is for a new president in 2013 that is willing to indirectly help spill some blood to water the tree of liberty. (My 9mm theory to Freedom in Iran)

Ghandi only won because the Brits were, at heart, a decent people. Ahmadinejad is a monster and will use truly evil men to enforce his will.

I know there is speculation that the military may intervene on the side of the Greens if Ahmadinejad gets out of hand. However, as long as Ahmadinejad has the resources to make people disappear in the middle of the night, etc and keep the protests only popping up sporadically..then the bad guys are going to stay in power for quite a while longer.