Jim Greer Resigns...As of 20 February

Here is the key passage of his resignation letter:

However, despite the great progress our Party has seen over the last three years, a small but vocal group within our Party has made it a point to destroy this progress and negatively impact our opportunity for victory in 2010. There has been, as you may be aware, an effort by this group to seek my removal for reasons that hold no justification. The facts and accuracy relating to this issue have become lost and irrelevant to these disruptive efforts and despite my own efforts, in addition to the efforts of others, to correct the record with the facts and truthfulness, these divisive individuals and their efforts continue without any concern for our Party’s future.

I decided to do more as a Republican (other than voting and giving money) when it became evident that our current GOP leadership was lacking the intestinal fortitude to stand up to the Democrats and Obama’s radical agenda.  Charlie Crist’s  and Jim Greer’s embracement of Obama’s economic plan, coupled with the fact that Florida, despite being an overwhelmingly Republican State, went blue for Obama made me get off my duff and start doing something to save my son’s future.

Chairman Greer lashes out at those Republicans who he claims “seek my removal for reasons that hold no justification”.  I disagree. I wanted Jim Greer to resign because we need stronger and yes, more open and honest leadership of our party.  Mr. Greer could have agreed to a fair, open third party audit of RPOF funds months ago, but he refused.  Instead, we were treated to a silly credit card cutting press conference.  Mr. Greer: Cutting up credit cards is for people whose spending has gotten out of control.  Your own actions pointed to your guilt.

There is no joy here. However there is satisfaction of seeing that our party has started to right its ship.  Now is the time for Republican and Republican candidates to start thinking of ideas based on our core values. We put our trust in individual liberty, and we have an unwavering belief in American ingenuity and science. 

There are those on the other side that want us to blend in with the world, to shuffle off and join the rest of humanities teeming masses. That’s not the American way. We are greatest and best hope for all the worlds citizens. To deny ourselves our duty to boldly blaze trails is to deny the rest of mankind  the chance to truly better themselves.