Time for the RPOF to stand up to Charlie Crist and Jim Greer

This will probably be my last extended post on “L’Affaire Jim Greer” before the Special Session of Florida Republican State Committee Persons and County Chairmen schedule for next Saturday, 9 January in Orlando.

In Truth, there are only two possible outcomes of this meeting:

 1) The Resignation of Jim Greer of the Chairmanship of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF)
 2) Continued internecine warfare in the RPOF.

If the RPOF members Saturday think that Jim Greer can remain Chairman of the RPOF and everyone can just sing a couple refrains of “Kumbaya” at the end of the day and all will be well, I’ve got news for them: That scenario is delusional.

Let me put this in as blunt of terms as possible: Jim Greer has taken the Chairmanship of RPOF and corrupted it to the point that he is endangering the very existence of the Republican Party in Florida. There are many Republicans that will not sit idly by and let that happen.

Republicans: Do not fool yourselves. Yes, the American populace is finally waking up to the fact that Obama and the Democrats in DC are literally bankrupting the country and destroying our reputation overseas. However, don’t believe that the disenchanted voter will then come back and support a Republican Party that is the essentially the same party that lost the trust of the people in 2006.

If we Republicans do come back to power in 2010 or 2012, then we will HAVE ONE CHANCE to get things right. If we continue to be the party of the likes of Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Lindsay Graham and yes CHARLIE CRIST, then we will REALLY see a political earthquake of the first magnitude. The Tea Party Movement (Which ain’t going away folks) and the Fiscal Policy Hawks WILL COMPLETELY ABANDON THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The Republican party was born due to crisis (Out of the anti-slave movement in 1854. Six years later Lincoln was elected.) and if we fail to come through and act on true conservative principles, it will die in a crisis.

Jim Greer is the poster boy for everything that went wrong with our party and caused Republicans to lose the trust of the great majority of Americans. From his end around the party faithful with his attempt to implement RPOF Rule 11 on behalf of his Political Masters, Gov. Crist and John Cornyn of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) ; to the use of party funds to smear Marco Rubio via bogus web and twitter accounts and finally, his adamant refusal to for a fair and open audit of party funds (which is grounds for dismissal alone), Jim Greer has proven not to be a man of honor. He is nothing more than a vain, strutting bully of a man who thinks crudely worded threats can intimidate honest citizens into silence.

His word cannot be trusted. I can think of no more damning thing to say about a man’s integrity. I can think of no argument that can persuade me to accept such a man as our State Party Chairman.

But as I sit here and write this “denouement” of Jim Greer, let us not lose site of the true villain in all of this. It is our Governor, Charlie Crist, who has allowed this to happen on his watch.

Has there ever been a more cynical, grasping, preening and self absorbed Governor of any State? With his immaculately coiffed hair and his year round tan, there has not been one moment since Charlie Crist was elected governor that he has not been plotting to get elected to another, higher office.

He had not been in Governor’s mansion for a half a term, than he began his lobbying to be John McCain’s running mate. It was if the governorship merely existed to fulfill Governor Crist’s ambition and bringing any leadership or work on behalf of Florida was a nuisance that got in the way of his personal ambition. His efforts were so brazen to ingratiate to the McCain campaign, that some were convinced that he got married just in order to get that “Vice President-Candidate Must Be Married” box checked.

After Gov. Crist failed in getting named McCain’s running mate, he and Greer managed to lose Florida to Obama. Then, in a political move as shortsighted as it was stupid, when Barak Obama and the Democrats proposed and passed the infamous “Porkulus bill” of 2009, Charlie Crist was one of the few Republicans to openly embrace it and give the Democrats some cover of “bipartisanship”.

When the Senate Seat of Mel Martinez became open, Charlie was first to throw his hat in the ring (no Second term for Ole’ Charlie: Too good a shot at the Senate to pass up, citizens of Florida be damned!). Crist then he sent out his bully boy enforcer, Jim Greer, to work his back room deals to stifle a free and open primary for Republicans. Unfortunately, Crist and Greer found in the forms of Senator John Cornyn and RNC Chairman Michael Steele, men eager and willing to sell out “electability” over substance.

That’s when the party grassroots started to revolt. Now Crist’s plan lays in tatters. The Stimulus Bill is an albatross around his neck. Rank and file are upset with the RNC and NRSC for overstepping its bounds. Then, all the stories of Jim Greer excess spending and use of the RPOF funds as a personal slush fund have come to light.

Republicans can’t fire Charlie Crist. But WE REPUBLICANS CAN FIRE JIM GREER. It will that first, necessary step towards saving our political soul.

The hard cold truth here is that opposing Jim Greer is a matter of principle. And either we Republicans start standing strong on our principles or we WILL suffer the same fate of the conservative ‘Whig” party Republicans killed off in the 1850’s: Oblivion.