From The Orlando Sentinal: The Gameplan for Ousting Jim Greer

I urge all Florida Republican County Chairs, State Committeemen and Committeewomen to try to have a meeting of their Republican Executive Committees and to poll as many active grassroots Republicans prior to this Special State Committee Meeting in Orlando Jan. 9. The issue is Jim Greer and his continued chairmanship of the RPOF.

Chairman Greer called the meeting to give members the floor and to state all grievances and hopefully clear the air; but he says that any vote to fire him as State Party Chairman would be against the state party’s constitution and rules.

My question is this: Why bother to have the meeting if direct, no-nonsense action for the good of the party cannot be taken? Mr. Allen Cox, Vice Chairman, RPOF has, in this article from the Orlando Sentinel, laid out in detail how in accordance with State Party Rules and Robert’s Rules of Order, this Special Session can vote out Mr Greer. Mr Cox has also graciously recused himself from the chairing process (As Mr. Greer MUST Do) and allow for a temporary impartial chair be appointed to oversee the process.

Mr. Greer, will no doubt, counter with the argument that Robert’s Rules of Order state:

“an officer can be deposed from office by following the procedures for dealing with offenses outside a meeting; that is, an investigating committee must be appointed, it must prefer charges, and a formal trial must be held.”

In plain English, before any vote on Chairman Greer’s removal, a proper investigation and trial must be held.

Mr. Cox, however, in the Orlando Sentinel Article states:

“Due to the extensive media attention already given to all aspects of the Chairman’s role in the RPOF, and recognizing the high visibility of the Chairman’s arguments and protestations of all criticism, the need for an “investigative committee” would appear superfluous and unnecessary at this point. The central question is simply, what is the will of the State Committee, as determined by secret ballot, on whether or not a rescission of the Chairman’s election shall be affirmed.”

Mr Cox then goes on to argue that Florida Statues supersede party law and removal of the Chairman by the special session clearly legal. Read the article for full details.

Both arguments have merits, but, in this Republican’s mind, the ultimate question is this:

“For this Special State Committee Meeting, what action must be decisively taken that best serves the Republican Party Of Florida and puts it in the best possible position for the 2010 elections?”

The answer is obvious. Chairman Greer’s status as party chairman must be settled at this meeting. For Chairman Greer to deny the Special State Committee Meeting the right (indeed it is their duty) to quickly and permanently settle this issue on 9 January 2010 shows he is more concerned with his own personal well being than that of the RPOF. A chairman with this mindset is totally unacceptable to me and, I suspect, the vast majority of everyday Republicans.

I am a single voice who decided after a military career and then a civilian life of limiting my political participation to voting and donating money to become politically active after the TARP fiasco led by Bush and the breathtakingly irresponsible spending of the Democrats and the Obama Administration.

The one rule I made for myself was not to tolerate “business as usual” in the Republican Party. Somewhere along the way, Republicans started being part of the problem vice being the solution. It would have been easy to join the a “Tea Party” and say a “Pox on all your houses” but I still have faith that the party of Ronald Reagan can reclaim its soul. It won’t be easy and there will be setbacks (Read my Blog and my futile fight against Florida “Light Rail”), but the first thing we Republicans must do it is to quit acting like Democrats.

A honest Republican Party requires and open and impartial accounting of party funds and not tolerate the abuse of said funds. A honest Republican Party encourages open and frequent debate between Republicans vying for the same office during primary season and full, open discussion of ideas. A honest and dedicated Republican Party structure provides its members the desperately needed digest of information and data drawn from all possible sources so logical, common sense arguments can be made on the issues by all Republicans in order to convince the Independent and Conservative voter that the Republican way is the right way.

Above all, Republicans must recognize the danger that out of control spending represented by The Obama Administration’s “Stimulus” bill poses to the health and well-being of our country. Republicans should rightly question the principles of any Republican that energetically supported this spending orgy. (The same goes for the Democrat healthcare plan.)

Does this mean I think Charlie Crist is not the best candidate for US Senator? Yes, it does.

Am I part of a vast treasonous cabal out to promote Marco Rubio by discrediting Jim Greer? No, I am a one man operation blog. But I have not been shy about taking on Jim Greer’s performance as RPOF Chairman. Go here for my opinion of Jim Greer’s Chairmanship.

Do I think Jim Greer has abused party funds? I think so, but we won’t know until a fair and full audit is made of RPOF funds (which Jim Greer resists having).

Do I think the Party Website (http://www.rpof.org/) has been hijacked by Charlie Crist and Jim Greer and is now a tool for the entrenched Republican establishment vice being a site for all valid Republican Candidates to have a voice? Yes, I do.

Do I think the same of the “Drive the Discussion”  (http://www.drivethediscussion.com/) website?  Yes. This site is not being used properly or to its full potential. I think it is a waste of money and effort in its present format. If anyone is getting paid to maintain and manage the site, he or she should be fired.

Do I think this interparty war must stop? Yes, I do. The time and place to stop it is during Special State Committee Meeting (called by Chairman Greer!) in Orlando on 9 January, 2010. The optimal solution is for Mr. Greer to resign for the good of the party before this meeting. If he does not choose this honorable route, he should be fired on that day and new chairman elected.

However, regardless of the decision made about Chairman Greer’s future, Republicans that are for honest government should insist on a full, fair and open audit of RPOF funds and keep insisting until said audit occurs. If we are going to make responsible financial management of the State and Country as a campaign issue in 2010, then we must first demonstrate that we are capable of responsible financial management of our own party funds. Period.

If Mr. Greer resists this, it will be just another of the many reasons for him to go.