Iran is on Fire and No one in the Administration is paying Attention

Iran’s “Greens” (aka “The Good Guys who are tired of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs”) are protesting in the Streets, and people are dying, including a nephew of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi.

The Obama administration policy towards Iran is one of rapprochement and appeasement.

Here are some pictures of Security Thugs hitting defenseless women with riot batons. Nothing says “Macho Islamic Fascist” better than beating up on women who pose absolutely no threat.

There have been reports of the regular Military, who have remained out of the protests, getting tired of the Current regime’s reign of terror. However, if they keep a hands off approach vice injecting themselves into internal politics (The last time the Military did that was with the Shah), then expect the Revolutionary Guard, augmented with hired thugs from Hamas and Hezbollah, to keep up the pressure and, to quote Mao, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun”.

The United States is missing a once in a generation chance to be a force for good in Iran. All attempts with diplomacy (both by Europe and the US) to try to get Iran to obey the normal rules of a civilized country, to stop exporting and supporting radical Islam and terror and, above all, to stop their march towards a acquiring nuclear weapons have proven barren. Indeed, we have been played for the fool.

If the current regime manages to tamp down this popular revolt (such as the Chinese did over 20 years ago in Tiananmen Square) then it is time for more “pro-active” measures from us.

If the Greens win WITHOUT OUR HELP, they will still hold Obama and the US in contempt for refusing to help them in their hour of need.

One other observation, while some say that the Greens don’t want to acquire Nukes, it may be too late for them to stop the development of the weapons. Iran is a sophisticated culture and has an entrenched bureaucracy that has a vested interest in keeping the weapons program going. Do not mistake this country for Afghanistan. The sheer amount or resources and people Iran has invested towards acquiring Nuke Weapons may prove too hard to stop regardless of who is in power.

As much as I hate to say it, the scenario that works best in the USA’s interests is for the Greens to be temporarily beaten into submission and the Greens then deciding to take more violent means towards gaining political power. It wouldn’t take much weapons support for this to happen. Remember, the military, at worst, have indicated that they prefer to remain neutral, but have not made it a secret that their sympathies lay with the Greens. So all, we (i.e., the US) need do is give the Greens the means to take on the Revolutionary Guard and their hired thugs. The Greens already MASSIVELY outnumber the Guard, so the arming of them would be trivial in type and cost.

I’ve already posted about this scenario here.

All it would take is the Obama Administration willing to do some real supporting of authentic “People’s Revolutionary Movements” (Not like the Faux ACORN movement).

It won’t happen, so expect within the next three years a) A Nuclear Armed Iran and b) Whoever is in Power there hating our guts.