Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer Goes Full Nixon: "I Am Not A Crook"

Here is a link to Jim Greer’s “Cri de Coeur”.

Treason? Treason? ..Get a grip man.

Gentle Warning? Is that a threat? Sounds like one to me…Here is some free advice: If you start using RPOF funds to settle personal vendettas, you are committing political suicide. Sooner or later, the RPOF books are going to be audited and sooner or later the truth will come out.

First: We have just experienced our former Republican Speaker of the House using party funds to take he and his family on a European jaunt and according to him, you refused his offer to pay back the party. Is this true? What other improper use of funds have occurred? The only way we will find out is a full and fair audit of RPOF funds. Period.

Second: It is established fact that you used RPOF funds to get massages at Hotels and it wasn’t until you got caught that you paid back the money. My Question is: before you got caught, how many more Spa treatments to defoliate your backside did our funds pay for? The only way we will find out is a full and fair audit of RPOF funds. Period.

Our RPOF website is a shill for incumbents while it should be a free and open forum for all Republicans to use to disseminate and discuss ideas. Also, you are perceived by a substantial portion of the grassroots Republicans as Charlie Crist’s bagman and doppelgänger. You are supposed to be Chairman of the Party, a neutral player whose main concern should be the recruiting of the best candidates and frugal caretaker and raiser of party funds. Your obvious partisanship for Governor Crist, coupled with your extravagant use of party funds is prima facie evidence that you have failed in your most basic of duties.

Your other party website, “Drive the Discussion” is a complete waste of party funds and resources. It appears to be a pet project for a few who really don’t know how to properly exploit or use the new media to spread the word of the new Republican party. Tea Parties are sprouting up all over the state not only because of the Obama and the Democrat’s monumental, wasteful spending of our tax dollars, but also because they feel that supposed party of small government and individual rights, the Republican party, no longer represents those ideals. And in Florida it is sorta hard to argue with them when they have a GOP Governor and GOP Party Chairman that supported the Obama Porkulus Bill. I know because, unlike you, I am actively talking to these Americans and am trying to convince them that there are Republicans out there who care about these issues. Meanwhile, you are using party funds to get facials and massages and send a select few and their family on world tours for no apparent reason.

Finally, the mere fact that you are unwilling to open up the RPOF books for a full, fair and OPEN audit speaks volumes. This is not the actions of a man who has nothing to hide.

Therefore I recommend that a full, fair and OPEN be conducted of RPOF funds by 29 January and that Allen Cox, Allison DeFoor, Peter Feaman, Bob Starr, Deborah Cox-Roush and Tony Dimatteo be part of the team that does the audit. I don’t know these people from Adam, but since they have shown a willingness to question you, and you have publically “warned” them, then I say they can be trusted to report to the party grassroots the results of the audit. Feel free to nominate some of your cronies to assist, but in order for it to be believable, the above mentioned people MUST be part of the audit team.

If Republicans have learned anything from the elections of 2006 and 2008, it is business as usual will not cut it anymore. “Good Ole Boy” politics must become a thing of the past. Republicans must regain the mantle of being good stewards of the public’s interest. Until you open up the RPOF books and PROVE you have been responsible in your management and spending of party funds, Grassroot Republicans will continue to protest your arrogant and spendthrift management of the RPOF and insist that you resign.

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So Mr. Greer: Got any warnings for me?

E. Royce White Jr
Niceville, FL 32578