Iran is on Fire and No one in the MSM or the Administration is paying Attention

A quick search of all the Major MSM Online news sites shows only Fox is covering this HUGE story. Iran is in the throes of a major meltdown and possible revolution and the administration is doing NOTHING to assist these people who want to get rid of the current Thugocracy running the country.

For months now, the people of Iran have been willing to face beatings (and death) to protest against the mullahs and Ahmadinejad. Diane Sawyer (in her coming out interview as the new Anchor of ABC) has an interview with Ahmadinejad and the main subject is about the three idiot hikers that got themselves arrested in Iran.

The complete and total incompetence of our administration is on full view here. WHEN (not if) this regime falls, the new Iranian government will look at Obama and the United States and say “Thanks for Nothing…you were not there for us when we needed you”.

Appeasement is the foundation of the Obama Administration when it comes to radical Islam. And, as history has shown, appeasement doesn’t work when dealing with corrupt, perverted ideologies.