Another Question to Jim Greer: When Will You Provide the RPOF "A Happy Ending" and Resign?

The Buzz” has an article that uses as its source a very young Woman (21) who accuses Mr. Greer of very questionable behavior as far as his management style. It also infers that he tried to have a “personal” relationship with the girl and when she denied his advances, he began to treat here as so much “meat”, to be used and abused. This information should have NO IMPACT on Mr. Greer’s continued employment at chairman of the Republican party of Florida (RPOF). Unless backed up by a third party, it is a simple case of he said/she said and, to be fair to Mr. Greer, she continued to work for the man after the alleged romantic pass (Note to Men and Women: When a man or woman in a position of authority make unwanted and unprofessional passes at you, report them immediately. If you don’t and you continue to work, you undermine your case). So firing Mr. Greer on this issue is a non-starter.

HOWEVER, (HERE IT COMES, FOLKS) The young lady did reveal a fact that can be easily proven and by a simple search of records and billings and that is: Did Mr. Greer use party funds to pay for massages at the five star hotels he was known to frequent? This question can be quickly resolved by an open and independent audit of Mr. Greer’s travel claim and expense accounts. If Mr. Greer got just one (1), I REPEAT JUST ONE (1) massage on the party’s dime, then he should be fired immediately. There is NO WAY YOU CAN JUSTIFY A MASSAGE ON YOUR EXPENSE ACCOUNT! (This includes all variations: Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Holistic, Hot Stones, Body Scrubs with fine sand , and my personal favorite, the “Full Service” massage with no tipping required….). One other caveat, if Mr. Greer reimbursed the party after the Sansom story broke, the “Day late and Dollar Short” rule is in effect.

Truth in advertisement: I am a retired sailor. I was a “Westpac” sailor during my first half of my career, and I was no saint. (I was a bachelor..I want that made clear). So, I am quite familiar with debauchery that my fellow sailors are capable of after being a sea for six straight months not seeing land and much less females during that time. But there was were limits and the number one rule was, you pay for your fun out of your own pocket. In my vast experience with Sailors and the ingenious ways they can get themselves into and out of trouble, I am proud to say, they always did their business “out of pocket”, on their own free time and never, ever would try to claim a massage on Travel Voucher. This was a hard core rule. (the other Hard Core rule was no cameras….).

Now here is another rule I suspect is enforced in 99% of married households: Husbands are not allowed to let strange women (or men?) rub oil on their bodies for free, much less pay for the privilege. I did some research on this (I asked my wife) and needless to say I got immediate, direct feedback with just a dash of implied violence from her. Mr. Greer’s marriage is his own business, so I will not comment any further other than give Mr. Greer some advice: Watch your back….

All kidding aside, If Mr. Greer did get a massage and let our donations to the party pay for it, he must be fired. This is a black and white issue. I expect my Senator, Don Gaetz, to be first in line in demanding an investigation on this. I also expect our Governor to demand an accounting. If they do not, it speaks volumes about both men.

Governor Crist and Senator Gaetz: Do in now and do it publically with full transparency. You can easily determine this fact BEFORE the RPOF quarterly meeting in January. If Mr. Greer is guilty of misusing funds on this issue, he should be already fired/resigned by then.

For Senator Gaetz: You need to send an email to our Okaloosa Party Chairman and RPOF Committeeman and Committeewoman as soon as you read this and tell them you are PESONALLY investigating this issue and WILL have answers to the Okaloosa County Republican Executive Committee before our 6 January meeting in Niceville. I would ask our representative, but he is Ray Sansom.

I urge all Republican Officials to encourage their elected State Representatives and Senators to investigate this issue and have answers before the RPOF Quarterly Meeting in January. If Mr. Greer is guilty of “MassageGate”, his remaining as RPOF Chairman should be one less issue that will we have to address in January because Mr. Greer will already be gone.