A question to Jim Greer: What in the Hell is Going On?

Here is a Link to a post I made A Month Ago.  

Now, Jim Greer has fired the Republican Party Vice Chairman Allen Cox because Mr. Cox has alerted Republicans to the prolifigate ways of Mr. Greer. Here is what Mr. Cox said (Via “The Buzz”)

“In the seven years that I have been chairman of the budget committee we have never had annual expense levels as high as they are now, and they are more than double than under prior administrations – special travel, staff and consultants.”

My Fellow Republicans: Something is very wrong in the RPOF. There MUST be a full and fair accounting of all our funds and it must be done openly and in public. The firing of Mr. Cox reeks of another firing of another gentleman named “Cox”, specifically Archibald Cox of Nixon’s infamous “Saturday Night Massacre“. Jim Greer has yet to come clean with Republicans with regards to his spending and use of RPOF funds. Now, with the firing of Allen Cox, Greer has gone “Nixonian”.

It is no secret that Mr. Greer’s resignation is going to be demanded by various Republican Party Officials this January. Mr Greer, if he truly is sincere in his desire to see that the Republican Party of Florida prospers in 2010, should offer his resignation immediately. If he does not, The party must demand it come this January. The Republican party must also demand a full and transparent audit of any and all expenses Mr. Greer and his staff have claimed during his tenure.

Winning as many races in 2010 should be the goal of all Republicans. As long as Mr. Greer is in charge of the RPOF, that goal will be of secondary importance within the RPOF. For the good of the Republican Party of Florida, replacing Mr. Greer as party chairman must be the top priority when party officials meet in January. The ax must fall on Mr. Greer and his minions and the cut must quick and fast. We have an election to win in 2010.

As Republicans, we must insist in open and honest leadership.  Cutting up an American Express card is not a sign of integrity and firing whistleblowers isn’t cutting it with the rank and file Republicans.