Climate Change Primer: This is not Science, It is a Political Movement

In Copenhagen this week, a small group of highly politicized scientists are gathering with the United nations and are trying to implement a plan to transfer wealth of the industrialized world to the many of the poorer countries, with the UN , of course, being the funnel through which all this money will flow.

This was to be the grand culmination of a worldwide effort that has been ongoing for at least the last 25 years, to convince the Industrialized West (with emphasis on the United States)that their exponentially greater use of energy is a) unfair and b) destroying the earth through Man-made global warming (aka: anthropogenic global warming or AGW for short). Unfortunately for them, the records and emails of one of the leading AGW academic institutions (The University of East Anglia) were either leaked or hacked and, to sum things up succinctly, it became painfully obvious that the scientific process had become highly politicized in favor of promoting the concept of Global Warming and the professors in charge were manipulating data to fit their preconceived notions of global warming and were actively pursuing an agenda of blocking any scientist that wanted to submit studies that disagreed with their agenda (in effect, corrupting the Peer-to-Peer critique process).

Here is a link to the PajamasMedia Climategate page, where you can actually read and download the actual data and emails that were obtained from East Anglia. (There is also at this site a plethora of links that challenge the concept of AGW). Of note, East Anglia is now claiming the “Raw Data” that they based their predictions on has been accidentally “destroyed“. The head of the East Anglia Climate Department has stepped down and the British government has launched a major investigation.

And isn’t the Brits that have been hiding data, our own NASA has for at least two years resisted a “Freedom Of Information” request for their raw climate data. NASA is funded by us, the US taxpayer. They are a civilian agency and there is no reason or right for them to hide their data from the science community, unless of course, doing so would show that, like East Anglia, they have been manipulating data to fit their preconceived Global Warming Agenda.

The UN’s Climate Change organization of choice is the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). In response to the leaking of the explosive information from East Anglia, it is telling that they don’t dispute the information and its damning information, but rather complain they were obtained illegally. This Organization was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. Yes, the same Peace Prize given to Al Gore and just recently, to President Obama.

In opposition to the IPCC is the ICSC (International Climate Science Coalition). They are also attending the Copenhagen Climate Conference and are presenting their own “peer-to peer” reviewed critiques that openly dispute much of the science that AGW proponents use. I urge everyone reading this post to go to the IPCC site, look in the upper right corner and start reading the section they have call “Climate for Laypeople“. There you will find information that is broken down and explained for the Non-scientist. It is in no way condescending. Indeed, their objective is to get the word out that anyone with an open mind and has common sense can see read about the science and understand that the “Man-Made Global Warming” alarmists are perverting science for specific, targeted leftist goals.

People who subscribe to AGW do not like open and honest debate. Al Gore will only “lecture” in front of friendly audiences. He will not openly debate the issue with anyone. This should set off alarm bells. However. the skeptics of AGW will debate this issue with the other side any time, any place. For example: Lord Christopher Monckton is the AGW skeptics version of Al Gore. But unlike Al Gore, he is easily accessible to the press and is willing to openly debate all comers. He has personally challenged Al Gore to debate, but Mr. Gore refuses (again a warning sign).

Indeed, when you listen to proponents of AGW, they will always emphasize that AGW is “Settled Science”. Sort of the same claim the Catholic Church Inquisition made against the Scientist Galileo. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed and as the above links states: “On 31 October 1992, Pope John Paul II expressed regret for how the Galileo affair was handled, and issued a declaration acknowledging the errors committed by the Church tribunal that judged the scientific positions of Galileo, as the result of a study conducted by the Pontifical Council for Culture.” Galileo had been dead for 350 years by this time but better late than never.

In one of my earlier posts, I have a YouTube video where one of the premier Scientists pushing AGW, Professor Stephen Schneider of Stanford University, is confronted by Phelim McAleer, an accredited journalist and authorized to attend the Copenhagen conference. Mr McAleer confronts Prof. Schneider with dilemma of the East Anglia debacle and as you can see, the good professor resorts to the “illegal” obtaining of the emails argument vice what is in them. After that, a UN Guard (eerily reminiscent of a SEIU Thug), uses a barely veiled threat of violence to shut down Mr. McAleer.

This is not the type of behaviour we should expect from our scientists or at a conference being funded, to a great extent, by OUR tax dollars. In an interesting side note, if Professor Schneider’s name seems vaguely familiar, he was one of the early proponents of “Global Cooling” scare of the early 1970’s. Interestingly, the article goes on to say that Professor Schneider changed his mind by the late seventies on “Global Cooling” and that the “Cooling” scare was media generated. Sound familiar?

Why is it important that we, Mr. And Mrs. Joe Citizen, be aware of the issue. It is not because of any agreement reached in Copenhagen. The Senate needs an actual 2/3’s majority to pass it and remember, the earlier Climate Treaty, The Kyoto Protocol, failed 95-0 when is was essentially voted on in the Senate. So anything Obama signs in Copenhagen is DOA once he returns to the U.S.

What is dangerous is the EPA declaring “CO2” a greenhouse gas and subject to governmental regulation. That means if you get the bulk of your electricity from Coal (as I do in NW Florida), be prepared for the Government to slap duties and fines on Coal and hydrocarbon Energy plants and for that cost to be passed down to the consumer. All of this in support of a scientific theory that now lays in tatters.

I have given you some links and sources to help you get up to speed. Feel free to post additional links on my site, Pro-AGW or Con-AGW. My little post is just a starting point to understanding an issue that the current Congress is going to use, if we allow them, to bilk trillions of dollars from the taxpayers of this nation. I can assure you, with a couple of evenings of reading and study, you can be as informed, indeed better informed than the vast majority of our Senators or Representatives in Congress. So when and if they ever hold another Townhall meeting, you will be ready to call him out when he or she starts talking carbon taxes and extra charges for your energy consumption.

What is lacking in this country is a coherent energy policy that has two goals:
1. Making The United States Energy Independent
2. Making Energy Abundant and Cheap.

That is for another post. But here is a taste of part of the solution .