Florida Senate and House Calling A Special Session For High Speed Rail

The Florida Senate and House are calling a Special Session for this December 3rd and for it to run to Wednesday the 11th. The issue is the future and funding of High Speed Passenger Rail, specifically, a High Speed Rail between Tampa and Orlando.

Here is a link of the Call for Special Session.

Here is a link to a summary of the Proposed Legislation provided by Senator Jeff Atwater.

Here is a Link to the Letter Senator Atwater sent out explaining the reason for the special session.

Here is a anti-rail summary presented (for now) without comment. (h/t Mr Sid Dinerstein)

I am currently doing research on this issue and expect to hear from sources inside the State Senate with regards to the actual scope and cost of this endeavor.

I will publish a post on Saturday on what I have found out about the economic consequences of building this rail system. I encourage everyone getting or reading this post to look into the economics (including tax burdens and revenue requirements) of moving people in Florida by rail.

I will say this. Calling for this Special Session during the time when most people’s attention are focused on getting their own lives in order in preparation for the Christmas Season is not amusing. The sheer scope of this effort means that NO FUNDS should be appropriated until our representatives in Tallahassee can come home after the special session and hear from their constituents regarding this issue.

For Florida, this is the state equivalent of the Health Care debate that is occurring in Washington. Time, coupled with thoughtful and deliberate consideration, is called for.