An Appeal for Help from Fellow RedState Posters and Readers


I was recently banned (again) from The Northwest Florida Daily News, and got a subtle threat of Further (Legal?) action if I try to do so again without first calling the editor. (see the above Link)

Fellow RedState Readers: With the content Sharing Agreement between the Tallahassee Democrat, The Pensacola News Journal and The Northwest Florida Daily News, My fellow citizens, from Tallahassee to Pensacola, are facing a monopoly in the print media and this media is controlled by individuals hostile to Republicans and Conservatives in General.

They allow comments on their Blog Site, as long as the criticism is limited to a) People who agree with them and b) contrarians that dare not challenge the status quo.

I did two things to get them upset with me:
#1) I did some research and found out that a month or two before their parent company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Senior Management took out of the company millions of dollars worth of Bonuses. Staff located at Panama City (they have shutdown their offices in Fort Walton Beach) were involved with getting some of the bonus money. I found this out at the same time they were hammering our local elected tax Collector for handing out Performance bonuses. I had the audacity to point out the Double standard.

#2) I’ll let my Post speak for itself: http://www.bloggybayou.com/2009/11/decline-of-defenders-of-first-amendment.html
Just wanted to make you aware the situation, newspaper wise, that faces us in the entire Panhandle of Florida.

Your Inputs are welcome… I will respond to any questions or criticisms. I admittedly was tough on Mr. Rice and Company, but also realize that they are also looking for “Citizen Bloggers” to work for free and in the Job Description, Mr. Rice insisted that a Blogger must have “Thick Skin”

I’m retired Navy and have been chewed out by true Masters of that Art.

However, If you are so inclined and want to pass this on to your fellow republicans and have them Email Director Of Content for Florida Freedom newspapers in Protest: here Is Mr. Pat Rice’s Address: [email protected]

Like Mr. Franklin Said: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”

Royce White
Blog: www.bloggybayou.com
Blog Email: [email protected]