BloggyBayou's Take on the Current State of The Florida Senate Race

Currently Charlie Crist is riding the St. Petersburg Times “The Buzz’s Fact Checker” call that Marco Rubio, despite having said he never raised taxes, did so as a city councilman and, in a series of convoluted votes, also while he was serving in the Florida House.

Here is a link to the article.

And here is a link to The Buzz article where they blow their own horn by asking Governor Crist what he thought of the “Fact Checker” article.

Needless to say, our esteemed Governor was pleased with the article.

I read the article and here is a quote from the article:

“The resolutions spell out that, without raising tax rates, the city was increasing property taxes — 1.402 percent in 1998 and 5.545 percent in 1999. The roll call has then-Commissioner Rubio as voting “Y” both years.”

I suspect that the increase was due to the housing bubble that occurred that artificially inflated property values. But I digress.

What struck me about the article is … it was so convoluted that I had trouble following it. (See above quote: perfect example of Doublespeak)

Now, as a young man I studied Mandarin for my first Masters Degree (Did it so well, I was able to seduce this wonderful and attractive Chinese lady in Norfolk, VA. and make her my wife of 17 years), was a damn good Intel officer in the Navy (I would still be in the Navy today, but I got a bum ticker) and after I was medically retired, went on to get a Masters in Software Engineering. My sisters tell me that I can be a real jerk, but even they will admit that I’m a fairly intelligent jerk.

So if Charlie Crist is hoping to use this article as a springboard to win back us conservatives… Uh… No … It is so much unintelligible BS from MSM site that has its own agenda (i.e., Liberal and Stop Conservatives from winning in Florida).

Don’t get me wrong, I read “The Buzz” everyday, it is one of the better updated political blogs out there, but I never fool myself that it is not a partisan MSM tool. Nor do I trust the MSM “Fact Checkers” cause they so often distort or fail to report the facts that endanger your typical liberal agenda.

In addition, I visited both Rubio’s and Crist’s web sites today. And I got to tell you, to me, Crist’s site stood out above Rubio’s, but for all the wrong reasons. Down in the left hand column of Crist’s site, he brags about getting endorsements from current Republican Senators including:

A) Senator Lindsay Graham: The Poster Boy for RINOs

B) Senator John Croryn: The man that single-handedly launched a hundred Republican Florida County Organizations proclamations telling the National Republican Senatorial Committee to butt out of our Senate Race.

C) Senator John McCain: The “Maverick” Republican that led the Republicans to one of its greatest electoral defeats in history, lost to Obama in Florida and by all accounts, ran one of the most inept Presidential Campaigns in History. (Remember the “Time Out” that led to “TARP”?)

Governor Crist: With all due respect, with friends like these, who needs enemies. You have, with apparently little or no effort, hit the perfect “Trifecta” for shooting yourself in the political foot as far as Conservatives and Tea Party folks are concerned. Congratulations (?)

Look at from the Governor’s site. Odds are, once he realizes that reminding voters that he is the RINOs choice for Senator, they will be coming down, fast…

Marco Rubio has Senator Jim DeMint in his corner; Marco Rubio has pundits Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity singing his praises; Marco Rubio has RedState, one of the more influential Republican Blogs, backing him; and , of course, the ” Pièce de Résistance “, yours truly backing Speaker Rubio.

Also Governor, one trait I want in a Senator is the ability to smell a Rat. In this case, the “Rat” I am referring to is your good buddy, Scott Rothstein. For you folks who are not familiar with our Good Governor’s relationship with Mr. Rothstein..here is link to get you started.

Like I said, with friends like these, who need enemies.

The BloggyBayou take on the current state of the Florida Senate Race: Advantage Rubio…BIGTIME.