Jim Greer must Go NOW...He is Hurting Our Party and Our Image

Earlier this month I posted a blog about Jim Greer, Ray Sansom and how one (or both) of these men are lying to our State Senator, Don Gaetz. Here is a link to that post.

On 5 November, the Hillsborough County Republican Party nailed Mr. Greer and his, for lack of a better word, henchman, Rich Heffley, for going into the black bag business of dirty political tricks. In a display of sheer ineptitude, both men got caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Here is a link to the Hillsborough County GOP complaint. The only thing worse than being sleaze bags is being incompetent sleaze bags.

Congratulations Mr. Greer on single handily launching a revolt in the Florida GOP (I am assuming that Governor Crist had no knowledge of this, but only a full an open investigation into all RPOF financial and and electronic communications can we really be sure)

On 16 November, 2009, The Okaloosa County Republican Executive Committee, in a overwhelming vote, formally asked that at the next quarterly meeting of the RPOF that Mr Greer be given a vote of “No Confidence” and that he formally resign his post as Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida.

I strongly suspect that other counties are going to soon follow suit. Enough is Enough. I have been attending Tea Parties in our area and they point to the morass and air of corruption that Mr. Greer has fostered. They also point to the embrace of “Porkulus” by Gov. Crist and then his comical attempts to backtrack on his endorsement of it, despite numerous documents and YouTube videos of him backing same said Porkulus fiasco.

In Okaloosa County, I have made it clear to the Tea Party leaders that if they want to keep Mr. Crist from going to the Senate, that they HAVE to register Republican so they can vote against him in the Primary. I have made no secret of my desire to see Marco Rubio elected and I have pushed him to the local Tea Party Patriots as a man they can trust. I hope I made a good enough arguement to get them to urge fellow Tea Party members to register Republican in order to stop Crist and vote Rubio. Time will tell and I WILL NOT stop trying.

We, the Grassroots Republicans, can also garner Tea Party Patriot votes (and respect) by showing to them we mean business when it comes to cleaning up our own mess. If Jim Greer had any sense of decency, he would call an emergency meeting of the RPOF County Chairs and State Committee men and women tomorrow, resign and allow the County Chairmen and State Party reps find someone who can restore trust to the RPOF.

I state again to my Senator, Don Gaetz. You have been lied to by either Ray Sansom or Jim Greer or, as I strongly suspect, both. In addition, Jim Greer has been caught doing a very poor imitation of Dick Nixon. Talk to the Hillsborough GOP chair if you don’t believe me.

It is time to man up Senator. Either you are with us or against us on this. It is a black or white decision..there is no gray area here. I and all Grassroot Republicans expect action and Tea Party members are watching to see if they can ever again put their trust in the Republican party.

Jim Greer’s resignation or firing is the first step back for Republicans to show we can be trusted to do the right thing.

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