Why I was banned from the NW Florida Daily News

I recently was banned under my Blog name “BloggyBayou”.  If you  are interested why, here  is the Link:




Freedom of the Press was recognized as a critical right by our Founding Fathers.  It was supposed to be the people’s watchdog over an overzealous government and  (1st amendment and all)  It was supposed to be freewheeling and rambunctious and open to all points of view.  At least that’s how our Founding Father’s envisioned it.


What they didn’t foresee was the rise of the Press as an insular institution, that dictates views and limits expression.  With the rise of radio, then television, the power of the press was becomingly increasingly centered in the hands of a few.  With the advent of TV, newspapers were dealt a near mortal blow with the result being that fewer print papers (deadwood media) exist and once dominant magazines such as Time and Newsweek are fighting for their financial lives.


The end result is communities like Fort Walton Beach, Destin and Niceville have only one small paper to meet our local print newspaper needs. To make it worse, it and its parent company are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and the paper has shut its local Fort Walton offices down and moved the operation to Panama City. Such is the nature of the economy we live in.  But, with the NW Florida Daily News being the only game in town, they get to set the tone of the debate  in this area as far as print media goes. On the Internet, it’s a different story.


In a recent Blog post, Pat Rice, referred to Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson as “Uber-conservatives” .  As you can tell from my above post, I called him on it.  It was an ugly, vicious smear because  its connotations of the right wing of the Republican party as being Fascist were obvious.  Once I called Mr. Rice on it, he changed the “Uber” to “Hyper”, but his true feelings were already laid bare for all to see.


Then, after Mr. Rice indicated that I was under some type of alien mind control, I pointed out succinctly and accurately that his stewardship of online site left much to be desired.  As a retired Navy Officer, it was a gentle dress down in my opinion, but it apparently was too much for Mr. Rice to handle. He had me barred and my Posts taken off the site.  I stand by my posts and you can read them for yourselves at my Blog (www.bloggybayou.com).


Mr. Rice recently advertised that they were looking for “citizen bloggers” to work for free, but advised they needed thick skin and have to be able to take the heat and be able to dish it out.  If banning criticism and banning people from his site for making accurate  observations as to how good a job he is doing Mr. Rice’s  idea of thick skin, then I suggest it is time for the NW Florida Daily News find a new “Director of Content for Florida Freedom Newspapers” (my posts point out his, in my opinion, dismal performance…It took him almost 10 months to correct his own Bio to reflect his true status in his organization). In the wild wooly world of the Internet, what I did was just a slap on the wrist. If you want to see some really vicious stuff, go to the “Daily Kos”.


When DARPA came up with the internet, it saved us from the tyranny of the elite Main Stream Media.  Making people disappear from photographs and comments and writings vanish was once stock-in-trade in Stalinist Russia.  The Internet has made that infinitely more difficult. We “Citizen Journalists” are just getting started and number one on our list is to hold our political elites accountable (Latest Example: Charlie Crist denying he supported “Porkulus”- That didn’t take long to disprove).  Number two on the list is to hold the mainstream media accountable.


Finally, the Email sent to me by the paper said the following:


“Your account has been blocked from posting at nwfdailynews.com. To restore
access, please contact Pat Rice at (850) 747-5092.”


I won’t contact Mr. Rice, but I will meet him in a neutral public place with third parties to tape and record our entire conversation.  I get to ask questions and query his motives and methods, as he mine.


As for being blocked to post at NW Florida Daily News..You really must get more tech savvy Mr. Rice…. I just posted again (and got a screen shot to prove it if you ban me again).