On Monsters and Madmen In Our Midst

13 of our fellow Americans are dead. Over 30 wounded. The Shooter, one of own. A man whose professional existence was made possible by the generosity of the American taxpayer and our system of government that espouses the ideal that all are created equal and a one’s religion is one’s own business.

We are told not to jump to conclusions. Our President, says not to judge until all the facts are in. CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations), the Islamic front group, condemns the act, but fails to note that the FBI severed its once-close ties with CAIR as evidence mounted of the group’s links to a support network for Hamas, which the U.S. has designated a terrorist organization.

The known facts so far is that Major Nidal Malik Hasan was shouting “Allah Akbar” as he coldly snuffed out the lives of 13 people. The facts are Major Nidal Malik Hasan has made numerous complaints about the Global War on Terror and has expressed sympathy for those Muslims who strap bombs to their bodies and blow them and innocent others to bloody chunks of humanity. There are reports this Physician was proselytizing to his patients. By all accounts he is a devout devotee to Islam and it plays a central role in his life. He made no attempt to hide his anger at being deployed to the Middle East and his behavior was noted by our military. The man was a ticking time bomb of Islamic religious fervor and in our politically correct and cowed society (where we do not hold a President accountable for attending a racist, anti-American church for 20 years), the best our military could do to stop him was give him a poor performance report.

I will not play the “PC” fool. At 1:34 PM Central Standard Time on 5 November 2009, the worst Islamic terrorist attack on American soil since 9/11 took place. There is no other way to look at it. No amount of CAIR statements will convince me otherwise. We are dealing with a religion whose epicenter allows no non-believers walk. We are dealing with a religion whose main bastion and amongst many of its adjacent states, treat women as chattel and embrace violence as a legitimate method of converting the infidel.

Islam is still, at its core, a religion of barbarism, mired in its beliefs that are still stuck Middle Ages. It uses the tools of freedom that the West makes available to protect itself and its way of life (Here is the link CAIR’s to “Know Your Civil Rights” site) and then, as their numbers grow, begin to insist their “religious law” (Sharia) trump our civil law. Relatives committing honor killings on young people are on the rise. Just because their children decided the gifts of Western Civilization offered them a better life.

These acts are happening in the West! Can you imagine the horrors that women and children under the Taliban suffer? Can you imagine the abuse and terror that is inflicted on the women and children of Saudi Arabia? I am not talking about the families of the rich in Saudi Arabia, who let their wives and daughters travel and live in the west to escape the prison of Islamic law, but of the everyday woman who has never known a day where in public she can let her face feel the warmth of the sun or the kiss of gentle wind on her face. Why does the West not stand up to such barbarism?

Why? Two reasons: Our dependence on foreign oil and the imposition of concept of “Political Correctness” by our intellectual and political elites that threatens our lives as much as any terrorist organization.

The United States has become the crack whore of foreign oil. America’s goal should be the country that has the cheapest and most abundant energy supply on earth. We are an energy rich nation, both in natural resources and scientific knowledge. Nuclear power is American power. Forged in the crucible of war, this uniquely American source of power is the key to our future energy independence. We are rich in hydrocarbon fuel in the form of oil, shale and coal. Why are we afraid to embrace it?

Because of the Political Correctness of “Global Warming”. The same elites who tell us not to consider the murders committed by Major Nidal Malik Hasan as a “Islamic Terrorist act” are the same people who espoused “Man-made Global Cooling” in the Seventies are the same people who are scare-mongering to drum up support for “Man-made Global Warming” today. These people are not concerned with the practical running and operation of an economy for the greater good. Their intent is to impose on the United States a set of naïve and dangerous ideals that were formulated by the extreme left in the Sixties that have no real basis in rationality or progress.

Don’t expect the current administration to counter this dangerous philosophy, because they are the leaders of it. Even as I type this, there are brave young men and women in Iran rising up against the Islamic State and President Obama has sided with the corrupt and evil Mullahs and their stooges. So much for being the Light of Freedom for the World.

Don’t expect the current Congress to step up and make a stand. We have, over the past 50 years, allowed our elected officials (both Republican and Democrat) transform themselves into privileged “Mandarins” who are no longer public servants and are, for the most part, unaccountable to the normal rule of law that we, as citizens, must live under. Re-election is how they measure their personal success and any action that makes that possible, justifies it, regardless of the consequences of those actions.

I say now: The Front Line on the Global War on Terror, The Front Line of this Clash of Civilizations is not on in the mountains of Afghanistan or the deserts of Iraq. The Front Line is on Main Street, USA. There is where the real battle is being fought.

Do we make the effort to rid ourselves of energy dependence?

Do we condemn and resist the obvious, that Islam, as it is practiced at its heart, is cruel and dangerous philosophy that endangers our children and grandchildren?

Do we call out the apologists for this distorted religion and shun them in the way we finally did to the likes of the KKK and segregationists?

Do we continue to hemorrhage our wealth and work to support these reactionary regimes?

Do we continue to be afraid to speak the obvious truth that when a devout Muslim wantonly kills, whether he does it on his own or with an organized cabal, that it is intrinsically an act of Islamic terror?

Or do we take the blinders off and start speaking the plain and obvious truth about our war with Islamic fundamentalists and take the obvious and necessary route to regain true independence from the despots of the Middle East?

The Elections of 2010 and 2012 will answer these questions.