Corruption In Florida GOP and the need for the GOP grassroots to clean house

Did Sansom offer to repay RPOF for European vacation?
Here is a Link to the Item in “The Buzz”.

ENOUGH. Either Jim Greer or Ray Sansom (or both) need to go NOW. This has turned into a farce and now is threatening the future career of a decent and honorable man.

Republicans of NW Florida. No matter if you feel Ray Sansom was the target of a rouge prosecutor…if this story is TRUE and Ray Sanson took his family along with him to Europe on the RPOF dime and Greer refused to accept reimbursement then Jim Greer needs to immediately resign. PERIOD.

Ray Sansom may have had good reason to go to Europe to promote Florida, but if he took his family and the RPOF picked up the tab, then that is WRONG. Maybe not legally (I am not a lawyer and this was party, not public funds), but it was certainly morally wrong.

We cannot stand by for “politics as usual” from our own Party and expect to be taken seriously when we go after corruption in the Democrats while we let our State GOP office and party become a punchline for jokes and subject of derision.

Our State Senator, Don Gaetz, is now embroiled in this. His name is in the paper directly asking Ray Sansom for the truth. Senator Gaetz is now on the hook to find out who is lying and should be first in line to insist Jim Greer step down if Jim Greer refused reimbursement.

I know and admire Senator Gaetz. But he is now embroiled in this mess up to his neck (Sorry — No one said life is fair). If he wants to save it, he better get to the truth and insist Jim Greer resign if Ray Sansom offered to payback the money and he (Greer) refused to take it. If Ray Sansom lied to Senator Gaetz, then Senator Gaetz needs to demand Ray Sansom resign. No matter how you look at it, Don Gaetz needs to make a “head role” over this if he wants to save his own politcal scalp.

Someone is lying (or both are hiding the truth) and has put Senator Gaetz, an honorable man, in an untenable situation. It isn’t fair to Senator Gaetz, but such is the burden of public office. Sometimes doing the right thing will hurt a friend. But doing what is right trumps friendship and political expediency.

Independents are outnumbering both Democrats and Republicans combined in recent voter registration in our neck of the woods. One reason is that both parties have tolerated crap as described above. I tell you now, while Democrats might shrug off such stuff, Conservative and Libertarian Republicans do not. Hence the rise of the “Tea Parties” and Townhalls filled with people outraged over our politicians behavior and spendthrift ways. If Republicans ever want to get back in the good graces of these people and garner their votes, then they better make sure they have a clean house.

Senator Gaetz knows how to contact me if he has a problem with this post. I will grant him “Carte Blanche” to reply on my site. The same goes for Ray Sansom and Jim Greer.