DANGER: Idiots and their Insidious Influence on Individuals

Julian E. Zelizer, professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University’s Woodrow Wilson School demonstrates why our elite colleges are turning out, by virtue of graduating from obscenely expensive colleges, left wing nutroots that have a leg up in getting into our State Department and CIA because they are filled with the self same left wing nutjobs who also matriculated from the same obscenely expensive colleges. I have no problems with the graduates of these schools who major in hard sciences and engineering, it’s the Liberal Arts Crowd (aka the one’s who couldn’t cut it in the hard stuff) that wind up making up our political elites. (Prime Examples: John Kerry and Ted Kennedy)

Here is the good professor’s piece of tripe. Read it and ask yourself…is this a piece of work by a serious man? The answer is no.

First, the Nobel Peace Prize is decided by 5 left wing white socialists (Even by French standards) who have no concept of what it is like in the real world. That’s it. Five People. Here is the make up of the current committee:

1) Thorbjørn Jagland
2) Sissel Rønbeck
3) Kaci Kullmann Five
4) Inger-Marie Ytterhorn
5) Ågot Valle

I don’t see one guy named Smith or Lebowski….

It was people like these who gave Yasser Arafat the Peace Prize. Never mind that the man in both his personal and public life was a MONSTER. (I am a retired Intel officer…I know of what I speak)

It’s people like these that who gave Jimmy Carter the Peace prize; A man who never met a third world dictator he didn’t like, almost single-handily ruined our nation and against whom a case can arguably be made that he is Anti-Semitic

And our good professor, instead of seeing what a total farce this Prize has become, blithely states that Obama so richly deserves the Peace Prize because it:

“comes much earlier in his tenure and can serve a very different function, offering a compass to guide him as he makes critical decisions about national security in the weeks ahead.”

That’s it! A Moral Compass for Obama, set by five privileged Norwegians! Man, I am sure glad these people are here to guide Obama with regards to matters of life and death for our troops! See how well it worked for Arafat.

Oh, yeah and I’d be remiss to note that they also gave it to Al Gore, whose Global Warming hysteria (and the fortune he has made off of hyping it) is now even being questioned by members of the left wing media, as it becomes painfully apparent that all of the predictions made by the enviro-wackos are not being supported by the FACTS. (The earth has been cooling for ELEVEN YEARS now folks…that is scientific fact.)

But our good Professor Zelizer, just like the majority of our academic elites, is oblivious or sympathetic to the inherent Anti-Americanism of Europe’s Left. These Europeans are the same people who preached detente with a corrupt Soviet Empire, have always resented America’s status as the premier power and guardian of Western Civilization post WWII, and are currently too afraid to stand-up to the radical Islamic minorities growing up in their own country.

With the exception of Britain, these people gave up on defending their ideals and country in the 1930’s when they refused to see the danger Hitler was to world peace. They stood idly by and had their asses kicked. (And guess who bailed them out).

And sadly, most of our professors in history and politics agree with this sanctimonious, prissy lot and expect our children to regurgitate and spew forth this nonsense in order to get an “A”. It isn’t our medical system that needs reform, it’s our education system. The first step is to get rid of academic tenure. I can get fired from my job, so why can’t they?

I know that when the good Professor and others like him read stuff written by the likes of me (a member of the “Petite Bourgeoisie”), they sigh, roll their eyes and sarcastically shake their heads at what nonsense they have to put up with, but, unless something is done REAL fast to turn this country around, we are going to have to start making hard decisions on how we cut back on the cost of a college education.

My first recommendation is they cut out all Political Science Classes and fire all those professors. Also, fire all the history professors as well and replace them by handing out textbooks (chosen by retired U.S. Marine Generals) to students, tell them to read and study it for the next quarter/semester and tell them that there will be a multiple choice final exam that can be graded by a computer. If it’s good enough for the SAT, it’s good enough to see how well you studied history.

Finally: Who was the most famous Norwegian in World War II?
Answer: Vidkun Quisling

Have a nice day….