Obama and the Nobel

Saturday Night Live, if they do their job, should have the definitive say on Obama and his Nobel Peace Prize. But when you have both Newsweek, Time and other liberal Main Stream news saying the Nobel Prize has “Jumped the Shark“, you know that the jig is up as far as respecting the Nobel Peace Prize. I felt that way when they gave it to Yasser Arafat and my opinion was confirmed when Al Gore got it for his quack science book.

But enough of this nonsense on whether he deserved it or not… What should concern us is what impact this award will have on Obama’s decision to address the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan.

With a troop request over 40-60 thousand troops coming soon to his table, and such military geniuses like Joe Biden saying we can win via remote control vice troops on the ground, President Obama has a very personal decision to make as to how to win this war. And win this war he must. If he loses this war or is losing this war by 2012, he will face political oblivion. He is on record as saying this war is the fight we must win. He hammered this meme over and over in the 2008 election. He is morally obligated to win in Afghanistan. A few white guys in Norway should not deter his efforts.

There have been rumblings of defining victory by letting the Taliban exist in Afghanistan and only insist it not be a safe haven for Al-Qaeda. This is absurd as it is dangerous. To condone the right of the Taliban to have the right to hold sway over the people of Afghanistan is grant formal recognition to one of the most evil ideologies ever to walk the planet. And to think that the Taliban, if granted immunity, would not allow Al-Qaeda to exist in their midst is a pipe dream.

No, Mr. Obama’s disingenuous 2008 campaign rhetoric has hamstrung him. If he is to have any political future with the American People, he must be willing to show up in Oslo in December to accept his coveted “Peace Prize” in the middle of a massive ramping up of the war in Afghanistan. He must be willing to look at the pompous audience in Oslo and tell them that sometimes that in order to achieve Peace, appeasement is not the answer to dark evil, but hard, unrelenting War until a land is safe from brutal inhumane bastards is.

Finally, Our troops and innocent people will be harmed and killed during this effort. This is an unavoidable fact of war. Washington, Lincoln, FDR, Truman and both Bushes were willing to accept this burden and carry on.

Will Obama have this inner strength? History will be the judge.