ACORN: A Political Cancer Has Been Set Loose Upon Us

The Body Politic of the United States of America during its 233 year existence has often been infected with corruption and usually because of the existence of thug political machines. One could argue that one of the first acts of political thugery occurred when Aaron Burr shot and killed Alexander Hamilton. (Burr was the one of the originators of machine party politics In New York). Since then we have had such luminary examples such as New York’s Tammany Hall, The Kansas City Pendergast machine and most recently, the infamous Cook County Democratic machine in Chicago, which still operates today. If you feel any need to research into Cook County Politics, I suggest you start with our President, Barack Obama, who is its most distinguished graduate and practitioner of the fine art of Urban Machine/Thug politics.

Right now, one of the most egregious examples of corrupt political organizations is finally getting some notice in the Main Stream Media. The “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now” (aka “ACORN“) was founded in 1970 and provided Obama his early political training. Make no mistake, Obama is a creature of ACORN. He can deny ACORN no more than he can deny his mother and father. Obama owes his political career to this corrupt organization. Anyone with a internet connection in the past 14 years could have done research on ACORN and come away with the correct conclusion that ACORN is and remains a plague on the American political landscape and it is fully entwined and part of the corrupt Chicago political system as well as in other cities across the land.

ACORN is Cook county is Obama is corruption is William Ayers is Mayor Daley is voter registration fraud is politics at its most toxic.

ACORN is under investigation in multiple states for voter fraud, including Minnesota where their involvement probably directly led to the election of Al Franken as Senator. Think about that people. This corrupt, dishonest organization is the main reason Al Franken got elected Senator vice Norm Coleman. This is political corruption at its most dangerous.

Bottom Line: Anyone who is even remotely tuned into the political world is aware that ACORN was and remains a corrupt organization that, for the most part, has been embraced by the most corrupt and entrenched Democrats on the national scene. Only when confronted with a video tape where ACORN workers help plot the smuggling in of teenage girls for prostitution, did the Democrats begin to abandon ACORN.

However, the fact remains that everyone, be they Democrat or Republican, have known for years that ACORN was a taxpayer funded criminal enterprise. For any politician to claim he was not aware of this fact is either :
a) Stupid beyond belief and unfit to hold office.
b) Lying and unfit to hold office

Which brings me to our Governor in Florida, Charlie Crist. Charlie Crist has a proven track record of working with and supporting ACORN, from working with them to help cause the Subprime mortgage fiasco, to the support of restoring rights to convicted Felons. Charlie Crist is not a a) “Stupid Beyond Belief and unfit to hold office.” So that leaves us choice “b” unless Gov. Crist can convince the public otherwise.

My fellow citizens of Florida. In order to restore confidence in our system of state government, there needs to be a full and fair investigation in all ACORN activities in Florida. That also means looking into all its various guises, such as “Americans Coming Together” (ACT) Party and the “Service Employees International Union ” (SEIU).

This will require the appointment of an independent counsel that has absolute autonomy from the executive and legislative branches of the State government. While Governor Crist should be the first order of business for the counsel (I presume the Governor would be eager to clear his name and be willing to have any statements he makes under oath open to the public and press for scrutiny), the independent counsel must look into the voter registration fraud that has happened , as well as any financial fraud, or absconding with funds that might have occurred. No one party should be immune from scrutiny, as well as no one person. Above all, Florida needs to know why its Governor thought that ACORN was a fit organization to do business with and how many voter registration lists have been tainted by this organization.

I also urge every state that has a history of ACORN operating inside their borders take this same action in order to root out this fetid, corrupt organization from our political system. I also urge the U.S. Congress to demand an independent Counsel at the Federal level to investigate ACORN. Any Congressman or Senator that fails to call for this should be voted out of office at the earliest opportunity.

Corruption and Politics are old friends. Corruption is allowed to flourish and rob honest citizens only when we, the people, allow it to happen. We have a deadly cancer growing at the highest levels of my State (FL) and at the Federal Government. If ACORN operates in your state, you have the same problem too. Swift and sure surgery to cut out this cancer is the only option that can save us. Call your state and federal representatives and demand ACTION NOW on ACORN. Do it before it is too late.

By The Way, the great “Porkulus Bill” of 2009 made ACORN eligible for BILLIONS of dollars. Think about that…