Charlie Crist, In New York City raising Cash, refuses to back Dolphins against the Jets

First, he was in Chicago raising his Cash and now he is in New York City doing the same.

When Crist was asked who he supported when the Jets play the Dolphins..HE PUNTED…. THE GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA REFUSED TO BACK THE HOME TEAM. His wife, on the other hand, had no trouble chanting “Go Jets!” I guess we know who wears the Pants in that family.

Governor Crist needs to be back here solving our states problems instead of going to the heavily Blue states and raising money for his Senate Run (that fact alone should raise alarm bells in all conservatives minds) But make no mistake, Crist’s priority is his personal ambition to be a U.S. Senator..NOT THE WELFARE OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA THAT HE IS GOVERNOR FOR.

If he can’t stand up for his Home team as Governor in fear of losing Yankee campaign funds, what makes you think he will stand up for Florida when he gets in the Senate?

This man has no Cajones… I want a Senator from Florida who, If asked “Who you want to Win, Jets or Dolphins”, says without hesitation: Dolphins.

For Crist, This is almost as damaging as for him as his ACORN Ties.