ACORN and Charlie Crist

I’m consider myself as a fairly well informed person when it comes to things political. Before I started my own Blog, I regularly read political blogs and news sites; kept up with the national news on Cable News and enjoyed talk radio when I had the chance (unfortunately, most of it occurs during the work day and I work in a secure area with no radios). I am, for lack of better words, A News Junkie. You know How some guys take the day off after the Super Bowl, just to recover from the hangover, I’ve been known to take the day off after a presidential election (2000 being the Prime example)

I’ve been aware of ACORN for years. I knew it was primarily an left wing Urban activist group that often, if not always skirted the law when it came to it use of funds and tactics. I knew Barack Obama had his start with ACORN even before he started running for President. I knew of it’s ties to the radical left of the sixties, just as I knew of who and what William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn were when I was growing up in the seventies.

I am not a Professional Politician like Charlie Crist. But I know if were ever approached to work with any of these people, they would get a polite, but emphatic “Go to hell”…

Charlie Crist apparently did not.

I now quote from an Email from the Marco Rubio Campaign. Here is an excerpt of a letter Speaker Rubio sent to Governor Crist:

The St. Petersburg Times also reported yesterday that your office may have partnered with ACORN in the past on several initiatives, including your 2007 effort to restore voting rights to convicted felons in Florida. If you partnered with ACORN, I have no reason to doubt you did so unaware of ACORN’s propensity for questionable activity, and with what you believed at the time to be the best interests of Floridians at heart. However, given the recent revelations about ACORN, I believe it is now in the best interest of all Floridians for your office to provide a thorough accounting of its relationship with ACORN and what, if any, influence ACORN may have had in any actions you have taken on behalf of the people of Florida.Lastly, during last year’s presidential election, despite what now seems to be a prescient chorus of concerned parties asking for an investigation into ACORN’s election-related activities, you insisted that you were unconcerned with ACORN’s activities.

In light of the recent allegations against ACORN, I suggest you reconsider your position, demand a full investigation of ACORN’s election-related activities, and take whatever steps available to you to prevent ACORN from engaging in voter registration and other election-related activities until the questions surrounding this organization are resolved.

I hereby call for all my like-minded Citizens of Florida, regardless of Party affiliation, to insist on an independent review of any and all state of Florida Interaction with what is increasing looking like a taxpayer funded criminal enterprise. This means appointment of a prosecutor independent of the Governor’s office since he has now been linked to the organization.

All are innocent until proven Guilty, but the investigation MUST be done for the sake of honest government.

And Charlie Crist MUST answer for his apparent poor judgement in his active and intimate dealings with ACORN.

From all accounts, ACORN was a criminally run enterprise and from what I gather is under investigation in at least 14 states.

The Press, newspaper, TV and New Media must insist on the right to directly take on Charlie Crist with regards to this matter. If what is written about his association with them is true.. Then Charlie Crist lacks the judgement to be dog catcher, much less Governor or Senator.