George LeMieux, Charlie Crist and the World's Record for Self Inflicted Political Castration

George LeMieux, before even being sworn in, effectively neutered himself and demonstrated for all the Republican political world that he is, for all intents and purposes, a potted plant meant to keep the chair warm for his political master, Charlie Crist. (Hat Tip to Eric for the Article)

Eunuchs have a long and storied place in political intrigue. Eunuchs (not to be confused with the medieval castrato, who were young boys who were involuntarily chosen and castrated to preserve their pre-pubescent soprano voice) were , more often than not, fully grown men who elected this to have this procedure performed on them in order to join the inner circle of the Emperors’ staff. The reasoning being was that they were incapable of having children and therefore would pose no dynastic threat to the emperor. They also made useful guards of the harem, but in LeMieux’s defense, this is not an duty he will need to perform for Charlie Crist.

Ol’George performed his own “political castration” right in front of the press before he was sworn in. When asked a question about Rep. Wilson’s “You Lie!” moment during Obama’s healthcare speech before Congress, Ol’George stated that Rep. Wilson should be “Censured”. Now I must admit, yelling “You Lie” at a sitting president addressing Congress does not rank high on sophistry scale, but there is precedence for such bad behavior in Congress during joint session spectacles and one need only look back as far as 2005 when Bush addressed congress. And I admit, I was on my rowing machine listening to the speech (might as well take advantage of the raised heart rate I always get when I listen to Obama) and at the same time Joe Wilson uttered his immortal line “You Lie”, I was yelling “Bullshit” (for the record I was born in South Carolina and raised in North Carolina)

Fast forward to LeMieux’s later press conference and by now Joe Wilson has, a) Apologized to the President and b) despite the MSM’s attempt to paint him as some bug eyed wacko, has become a darling of the Republican base and c) Was in the process of becoming one of the great hero’s of 9-12 Tea Party, one of the largest, if not the largest mass protest in DC in the past twenty years. And What does George LeMieux do?? He spouts the Democratic line that Wilson needs to be censured.

But the man isn’t finished performing his figurative public self mutilation…oh no… he goes on to try to play both sides of the health debate, try to placate both the Obama and the mushy middle by giving some lukewarm spittle about saying Obama has some good ideas we can coalesce around, etc. In other word, he has signaled to Obama that he can have his vote if Obama plays him right. Congratulations Florida, you just got a milquetoast Olympia Snowe as your senator, courtesy of Charlie Crist.

LeMieux then bemoans the fact that Florida would get no revenue from the off-shore drilling bill currently in Congress. Well that’s because Charlie Crist, Bill Nelson and a whole lot of Florida politicians, instead of leading the push for drilling, have been sitting on the sidelines or fighting the effort. D’oh? Why should you get jack if you haven’t been a major player pushing for this needed American energy?

LeMieux then goes on to say that, for all intents and purposes, don’t expect much because he is the most junior Senator there (#99; Dead Ted’s replacement will be #100) . So What? A real man would treat this as an opportunity to excel, not meekly crawl into his office and wait for Charlie’s call to tell him how to vote.

Folks, this demonstrates what is wrong with the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). We have a GOP Governor who has embraced Obama’s economic agenda, A Republican Party Chairman who acts in the best interests of embedded, slothful, good old boy’s network of Republican candidates and a State party apparatus that is totally tone deaf to the resurgent angry base that they need to get elected. Elected Republicans in Florida have morphed into the Republican party that held the U.S. Congress from 2000 till 2006. They are more concerned about re-election than ideas, more concerned with pork barrel politics that real solutions. Result: A state that has 11% unemployment, a crashing real estate market and a Governor who is more concerned with raising cash for a Senate run than fixing the State he was elected to serve.

There is only one way to get the RPOF and the Republican Establishment to wake up and start listening to their Grassroots voters. That is to deny Charlie Crist the one thing he covets above all else, even above the welfare of the state he serves… the Republican nomination for U.S. Senator of Florida.

Charlie Crist in the Senate is the type of creature Obama needs. A Senator that he can count on to give him the fig leaf of bipartisanship for his radical agenda. If you like Olympia Snowe, Arlen Specter and a less macho version of Lindsay Graham, you’re gonna love Charlie Crist.

But for the immediate future, here’s what you need to do. Write/email/phone Senator George “Eunuch” LeMieux and tell him just to sit in his office, play minesweeper on his computer and when he called upon to vote in committee or in the chamber, he is to vote the way Jim DeMint tells him to. No answering of the phones allowed; No floor speeches; No carving of his initials into his Senate floor desk. Above all, he is to stay away from Charlie Crist. And for ever Email/letter Phone call you make to Senator “99” LeMieux…courtesy copy to Charlie Crist.

Oh yeah, Donate Money to Marco Rubio…I’ve met the man and he is not the type to let being a “Junior Senator” stop him from making his voice heard and presence felt. The Man has Cojones.