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BENGKEL LAS Muaza Kediri | Mesin Perontok Padi | 
LAS SERVICE INTERIOR EXTERIOR BUILDING CONSTRUCTION THE BASIC MATERIAL applied are IRON AND STAINLESS STEEL, With the LINGUIST be supported and EXPERIENCE and PROFESSIONAL EQUIPMENT ADEQUATE QUALITY OF WORK AND THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE. working on: Steel and Mild Steel Construction for HOUSE ROOF WAREHOUSE FUTSAL LAP DLL canopy Policarbonat Wrought iron ( wrought Iron) – Iron Minimalist Staircase Railing / Balcony – Ladder Play / Straight Trellis – Tent / Stage Cot / bed – Makeup Tables – Chairs Relax – Hammock Book shelf / warehouse equipment / Shelving Interest Krangkeng ( anti-theft security – Ac – Water Pump) Folding Door / Push Painting inside and outside the room Aluminum frames and partitions Stainless Steel exterior & InteriorMuaza

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