Alex Jones on Gun Control

I grew up with guns, support the 2nd Amendment, and can’t stand Piers Morgan.  But I watched the entire video of  Morgan’s interview with Alex Jones and I couldn’t help but cringe throughout.  Jones comes off as a complete lunatic.  Whatever points he tried to make were far overshadowed by his bizarre behavior.  As Piers Morgan commented to Politico, “He was the best advertisement for gun control you could wish for.”   Frankly, it is scary to think that someone who is as obviously unstable as Alex Jones is armed to the hilt.

First the NRA’s weird press conference and now this guy?  Conservatives need to find better spokesmen on this and other issues.

Here is how the Christian Science Monitor put it:

But if anything, the White House should be happy that Jones is getting so much publicity for his attacks on Morgan’s pro-gun control stance. That’s our second point. The National Rifle Association might be furious: Jones is so outrageous and vituperative that the gun lobby must believe he’s counterproductive.

Sometimes how it’s said matters more than what is said.