Conservatives being Played for Fools

Has anyone bothered to stop and ask why Obama is openly mocking the Conservatives, and arrogantly bragging about having broken their will and their pledge? Did it occur to anyone that Obama might really want conservatives to kill this bill?

Think about it. Taxes have already gone up. On everyone. The Clinton Era rates have been reestablished. These tax rates are now the law of the land. And the House is being given the chance to a cut taxes. A tax cut. On everyone except for the top 0.7%. At least that is the way it will be presented if the Conservatives kill the bill.  Obama will have raised taxes on everyone, but pinned the whole thing on the conservatives.

Who wins if Conservatives kill the bill?  Who comes out of it looking the better? Who will get the blame for whatever economic peril follows? And what about the higher tax rates?  Boehner tried to lock in the lower rate for all income under one million and conservatives killed it.  Now we are at a lower rate for under $400,000, and if conservatives kill this deal the next is bound to be worse.   Because right now taxes are up on everyone!    If conservatives kill the bill, the only question will be whether Obama will decide he can live with higher taxes on everyone, so long as the Conservatives get the blame?    A possible win-win for the President.