Ohio Redistricting with Map

To continue the Ohio redistricting discussion, I’ve taken the districts and superimposed them over the population shift map from the Census and uploaded the image through my other blog – http://returnohiored.files.wordpress.com/2011/03/ohiodistrictcensus.jpg

Looking at the loss in the northern part of the state, I can’t see how Kaptur, Sutton, Kucinich, and Fudge all keep their positions.  Because Sutton is from the Akron area, I’ll bet she will end up challenging Renacci with Kucinich and Kaptur taking parts of Lorain County.

Then from this map, we unfortunately see losses in the Latta and Jordan districts as well as the district of freshman Bill Johnson.  The Johnson district along the Ohio River from near Youngstown toward Athens, may have been a carve-out for somebody in 2000.  I can’t remember that redistricting fight, but this district once belonged to former Governor Ted Strickland.

Tim Ryan’s district will likely survive as his support is so strong in Mahoning County that I doubt any Republican can squeeze in there.  If Renacci can defeat Sutton (and I’m afraid that’s a big if), then Ohio will have 4 Democrats out of 16 seats.  Ohio leans conservative, but it’s going to be a big challenge to get fewer than four Democratic seats in this state.