For Gingrich Supporters – We Are Fortunate

This post is dedicated to my fellow long-suffering Gingrich supporters.

We are fortunate because we still have the candidate we can enthusiastically support in the race, and that gives us hope so we can dream of a better future for conservatism and for the country.  (What will life be without hope and a reason to dream?)

The primary is not over and Romney is not the nominee yet, despite all the assertions to the contrary.  So far all we’ve heard is Romney is better than Obama, but nothing about how he can realistically beat Obama when the rest of the country do not share our level of hatred of Obama, who, by the way, just raised $53M in March alone.

And don’t worry about the claim that unless the primary is wrapped up ASAP, Romney can’t prepare for the general and turn his guns on Obama.  First, Romney no longer needs to spend millions attacking his primary rivals; second, he can fire at Obama anytime he wants, without waiting till he is the nominee.  Gingrich has been doing that quite successfully. Though I have to concede it is not safe for Romney to reset his campaign for the general until he has all the requisite delegates.


But this post is not about Romney.  It is about how we can remain hopeful and be able to follow the unfolding primary with peace in our hearts regardless of the final outcome.

For myself, I always keep a few things in mind while hoping for the best.  These realizations had helped me go through past elections without feeling too much angst or depressed.  I hope you will find something useful even if you may not agree with everything here.

1.  Nothing happens by accident

Many years ago I read a book called There Are No Accidents. It is not a book on religion, and the author opened with the observation that in many cases, the person with whom people had a chance encounter went on to eventually become their spouse. Thus even people without a religion can sense that there are no accidents when it comes to major events in their lives. Things that appear random are not random at all.

How much more important with far-reaching consequences are political and world events for them to be left to chances?

In fact, it is logical to think God is the author of the intriguing, ongoing saga that is human history on earth. He writes the plots and He casts the characters. In other words, a man comes to power because God puts him there; not the GOP establishment, not the media, not money, not even the voters (this one is especially welcome since the crowd is almost always wrong. Many voters are ill-informed on the issues, or simply ignorant Democrats).

2.  The best player doesn’t always win

The fact that Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Obama came to power shows the most competent man doesn’t always get the job, but rather the man who is the best natural fit for the role, i.e., someone who clearly stands for something. And many have aptly pointed out that moderates have a history of losing in the general.

If a war is in the plot, then someone with strong convictions and who is not averse to using the military will likely be in power. If America is destined to hit a brick wall before we can find the political will to deal with our massive debt and entitlement crises, Obama will likely get a second term to accelerate the process. It is a frightening prospect, but if it came to that it would be the will of God; there is no use worrying too much about it.

3.  In the end, it may not matter what we do

We don’t know what lies ahead because we can only experience the world through the passage of time. God is eternal. For Him, there is no time, thus no past and future. Things still in our future have already come to pass in God’s view. It is a difficult concept for human minds to comprehend, but it does explain how individuals were sometimes able to glimpse the future seeing visions of things yet to occur. This is also one of the strong arguments for predestination.

But we don’t need to get into any of the big concepts, we only need to ask ourselves, Do we think God already knows who our nominee is, or who will be in the WH next year, even as we argue?  Rest assured God will move enough people to vote for whoever destined to be POTUS for the next four years, no matter what.  So there is really no need for anyone to agonize over what to do in November.

While we do not control the outcome in any human endeavor, we can choose to fight with all we have and to persevere.  Newt has not given up and neither should we.  Win or lose, we will feel good knowing we did our best to support him all the way.


PS:  I’ve come across some interesting information I’d like to share with Newt supporters only. If you’re interested, please send me an email at [email protected], and put Redstate and your username in the subject line (so I can tell you indeed support Newt).