Oh Man . . . He called me a NeoCon!

Elkoans & Americans, Republican, Democrat, Independent and Undecided should vote to promote the values and interests for not only themselves, but for others future and the future generations. Individuals should not merely follow, not with selfish motivations, but should examine, research and use their intelligence and personal belief system as a guide to make decisions.

It is unfortunate that some would have to classify then caterwaul. I don’t believe that Mr. Obama is a moron as I was accused of today. I just do not believe that philosophically, morally, emotionally or intellectually he currently has the abilities for the office of President or would be the most beneficial to America, her citizens or its future.

You don’t put on different shoes because you can’t see. It does nothing for your eyesight and you’d probably grab the wrong pair of shoes anyway. Get your eyes checked, clean your glasses update the prescription. The same is true with the foundation that America was built on (not the revamped “politically correct” view) but the factual blocks. You don’t destroy the foundation, you correct the walls that you have built.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I do not believe that Mr. Obama would fulfill the preamble nor the letter and essence of the constitution as well as Mr. McCain for the following reasons:

Though Mr. Obama may espouse a better future, his voting record does not reflect that nor do his policies. Action and not rhetoric defines the measurement that weights the scales. Justice entails acknowledging that there is a standard equal among individuals of right and wrong. Following the laws, not interpreting them with prejudice. Justice for all independent of race, creed, color, religion, social standing and age and not dependent of any.

Ensuring domestic tranquility necessitates the want, desire and ability to work with others who may not share your view to cooperate and reform. At voting average of 95.4% for the party line is not an example of such. It is also important for the future of the nation to UNITE and not encourage self sanctified segregation through defining the citizens of a nation by their forefathers bearing and not their own.

Mr. Obama’s record does not dictate a record of providing for the common defense, neither the defense of the nation or that of our soldiers serving the country. Although he touts that he voted for increased funds for the soldiers serving in Iraq in the 2007 HR 1591, it was laced with additional funding for Katrina in the amount of 5,730,000,000 and other additional SPENDING. It was not passed. Mr. Obama voted against HR 2206 which was more supportive of spending for our troops. He claims that Mr. McCain voted against funding benefits for the troops medical care when in fact HR 2206 lists 1.34 billion for VA medical related expenses. This bill became law.
He continually undermines our troops by voting to reduce troops in Iraq. The job is NOT finished. Leaving our troops understaffed in a war zone is not support; it is like throwing the game, telling them that all their work and sacrifice was for naught, you bet against them and it’s time to cash in your marker. A mission undone is not won.

He voted for extended time between troop deployments amendment, and the time line amendment but didn’t vote (NV) on the actual bill HR 1585. Mr. McCain was also a NV with this statement “I support the passage of this bill, but I have serious concerns over the earmarks contained in the committee report accompanying this bill. . . Every day, we ask the brave men and women who fight for freedom on behalf of our great Nation, and their families, to make sacrifices. They sacrifice in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere throughout the globe. We in the Congress should exercise some degree of self-restraint and sacrifice, as well.”

The general welfare of the nation is dependent upon the expectations of citizens and their relation to each other and their responsibilities. I have heard Mr. Obama repeat the idea that he wants to restore the American dream; that everyone can succeed, usually followed by an example of programs that can be instituted to achieve that.

The problem is not that Americans can’t succeed it is that we have removed the drive to do so with excessive and unmanaged “give-me” programs. It is that in past 40 years we have taken away the “can-do” attitude and replaced it with one that is a government “should-do” attitude. We have allowed a thought process of entitlement and have embraced an ideology that there are no absolutes. Increasing social programs does not lead to the general welfare of the nation, it leads to its destruction wherein a free society becomes enslaved to a government that it has let usurp its power.
The people should be in control of the government. The government should not control the people. Unless we revamp the social programs to what they were intended to be; short term aide with provisional expectations we will not regain our prosperity.

Blessing of liberty, they come with a price, they are not free and are maintained by the rights, responsibilities, courage and effort of the people. The document the forefathers of this nation penned so many years ago was a light for us to follow in a darkened hour and a hope for our future. It is time to look at it again.

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