Let us not take the t-shirt bait

Mr Obama has freed up his inner brat with the circulation of the “Made in the USA” (no, it doesn’t say “Born in the USA”) t-shirt complete with a copy of the “birth certificate” on the back. The lapdog media says he is just having fun, but that’s not it.

Obama faces a foundering economy and hawks a Middle East policy that will lead to disaster abroad and the loss of significant electoral support at home. The last thing he wants is for the GOP and conservatives generally to be able to concentrate their fire on real issues. So, having condemned the birth certificate controversy as “silliness” promulgated by “sideshow barkers” and having tried to “put it to rest” so we all could focus on real issues such as the economy, he now revives it.

A simple rule in poker: figure out what your opponent wants you to do, then do the opposite. Based on that, a simple request: let us not take the bait.