More liberal babble about religion and the state

This appeared on Yahoo this morning: http://news.yahoo.com/video/us-15749625/noah-s-ark-tourist-attraction-sparks-debate-23382098. The state of Kentucky is helping to finance building of a “Noah’s Ark” tourist attraction which is projected to create about 900 jobs and boost state revenue by about $250 million a year.

Erwin Chemerinsky is shown in the video criticizing this as unconstitutional because “the government should not be using its money to advance religion”. Of course, Chemerinsky speaks from Irvine CA and not from Kentucky itself, but presumption has never been a problem for him.

The bigger problem is the selectivity, reacting against any expression of Judeo-Christian beliefs while ignoring altogether the use of government money to advance Islam. Where was Chemerinsky when Obama was instructing NASA on outreach to Islam? Where was Chemerinsky when the TSA recruited Islamic instructors to teach its agents the proper way to inspect Islamic women wearing burqas?

All this aside from the fact that liberal anti-religious orthodoxy has strayed far, far away from what the Constitution actually says on the subject. It is hardly an “establishment of religion” to create a tourist attraction out of Noah’s Ark, a biblical story which has been retold and bowdlerized so many times it is almost reduced to a quaint cultural reference.

Let Kentucky build it, let the people come and, Mr. Chemerinsky, please apply whatever talents you have to helping figure out how California might stop its precipitous slide into the Pacific. What the people of Kentucky choose to do in their state is really none of your business.