Gov Palin has them stumbling and bumbling

The Washington Post has written a seriocomic “hit piece” on Sarah: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/11/25/AR2010112501593.html?hpid=topnews

There are several hilarious aspects to this screed. First, the criticism that Palin lacks experience. As opposed to BObama? When he ran he had never been in an executive office, and had been in the U.S. Senate for a mere two years, much of which time he spent traveling. Experience in any event is a hard thing to pin down. As the saying goes, some people have 20 years experience, and others have one year’s experience 20 times. The only thing we can really say right now is that Ms. Palin is growing in the public spotlight, and she still has two years to bring that to fruition.

Does she misspeak at times? Yes. That doesn’t mean she’s stupid or ill-informed; it’s the price one pays when one is regularly in front of the cameras or microphone. And by me, “refudiate” is no less a gaffe than “corpse-man” — and it’s no surprise that we never hear from the MSM about that one, just as we never heard a correction from the MSM on the myth that Obama does not use a teleprompter (though we were deluged with snide remarks about Sarah referring to notes on her palm).

The funniest one is in the article’s repeated reference to a candidate needing to be someone voters feel they could sit down with at the kitchen table, as though that were come kind of shortcoming for Ms. Palin. Are they kidding? She is the most convivial of candidates, and if the election consisted solely of kitchen caucuses nobody could even begin to touch her.

It is a telling situation for liberals that they can get behind any female politician imaginable — except a bright, vivacious and articulate conservative. Tick, tock people.

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