Great Campaign Advice For O That He'll Never Take - Thank God


In the spirit of bipartisanship, I’ve decided to post an open letter to our flailing president and give him a bit of advice as to how he can not only stop the bleeding, but maybe even turn this thing around in the final two weeks – and reinvigorate the Obama Media Group in the process. Why am I doing this? Because there’s no way in hell he’ll follow it. Besides, it’ll be even sweeter after he loses and reads accounts about what a flawed campaign he ran. A little “I told you so” – courtesy of Rat.

Dear Mr. President:

I thought I’d take a break from excoriating you and send along a few honest recommendations that if followed, could actually increase what little chance you have left of pulling this thing out. Yeah,I know; why would a conservative blogger like me do that? Because, Mr. President – and I have to be frank here – I know there’s no way in hell you’ll take my advice. Thank God.

Although, you did take a few minutes off from belittling Mitt and calling him names yesterday to practically beg Floridians to vote for you; that whole “You know me…you know me. Trust me” plea thing. But let’s face facts, O; you’ve reduced your entire campaign to nothing more than personal attacks on Mitt Romney. Think about it; what does that say about your perception of our perception of the last four years? What does it say about your perception of the average mentality of those whose votes you seek?

Let me put it this way, O; you could declare yourself a Muslim, paint the White House red and set George Bush on fire – and you’d still get 47% of the vote. They’re the Obamabots, O; you sewed them up eight years ago.

Remember that line from Pretty Woman, when Julia Roberts – in the role of Vivian, a prostitute – turns to Richard Gere’s character, and says: “I appreciate the whole seduction thing you’ve got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I’m a sure thing.”? Same deal with the Obamabots, O. You’ve got 11 days to move on.

First recommendation: Stop preaching to the choir, dude. It’s a majority of the middle 6% of voters who are going to determine whether you’ll be moving back to Chicago in January. (As you know, it’s really cold in Chicago in January.)

If I may, Mr. President, I’d like to engage in a little armchair psychology. For whatever reason, you have a terrible time admitting fault or accepting responsibility – for anything. At the same time, you not only have no problem taking credit; you even take credit for things accomplished by others. I’ve always considered people who behave this way to be incredibly insecure. Dude, it’s as if you view any admission of responsibility for failure to be a personal flaw that would diminish you in the eyes of America. To the contrary, most people admire those who can step up and say: “I was wrong.” “I made a mistake.” “I take full responsibility.”

Think about it, O; America is a forgiving nation; we tend to give another chance to those who admit their mistakes. In many instances, we even root for them to succeed the next time. Here’s the deal: Even if you have to fake it – which I know you’d have to – accept some blame over the next 11 days. Hell – I’ll even give you an example of how you could do so:

Buy 15 minutes of time on the “major” networks, CNN and Fox News. (Forget MSNBC; they’re so far in tank for you, it would be a waste of money.) Go before the voters and say the following:

“As all of you are aware, we’ve had nearly complete gridlock in Washington over the last four years. While I’ve consistently blamed the Republican Congress for this gridlock, the fact is, much of that blame lies with me. I’ve been passionate about the ideas and causes I’ve pursued, and in retrospect, I’ve been much less willing to compromise with Republicans than I should have been.

As a result, together, we have failed to accomplish the goals I laid out in 2008. So tonight, I want to announce that should you reelect me as your president, I am committed to learning from the mistakes of the past. I pledge to work with the Republicans in a true bipartisan fashion to not only right the wrongs of the past, but to get America going again. Much is at stake; we must look to the future.”

Before you dismiss this idea out of hand, O, think about it: Even if you don’t mean it, you can always renege on your promise – just like you did last time. Play small-ball here, dude; all you need to think about is the next 11 days.

Second recommendation: Eat some humble pie, O. While it may not taste good, its benefits are often amazing. Besides, continuing to do the same thing over and over – and expecting different results? How’s that workin’ for ya?

Now that I’ve covered a couple of things that you can do, let’s talk about the folks (one of your favorite words) who work for you. First of all, Jay Carney comes across as an angry child defending his mom and dad. Think about it, O: when guys like Jake Tapper get after him on a daily basis, it’s obvious that he has no credibility. He trots out – day after day – often with a sneer on his face – and painfully defends you and the Regime – often in the face of logic. (See a pattern here, O?) He’s become a cartoon, dude. Sorry.

Then we have the triad of Axelrod, Cutter and Gibbs. These are the people that do the most damage to your campaign, O – other than you, that is. They’re arrogant; they defend the indefensible – and they have zero credibility with anyone other than the Obamabots.

Stephanie Cutter has become a complete joke. Robert Gibbs, a blind water carrier. David Axelrod, a Chicago political hack, in the mold of Richard J. Daley, who will stop at nothing – including looking directly into the camera and telling puppy-dog-faced lies to the American people – to get you reelected.

Herein lies perhaps your toughest challenge, O. You’ve insulated yourself inside a fantasy world cocoon for more than four years- surrounded  by sycophants who never tell you – or us – that you’re wrong. It’s hard as hell to leave that cocoon, O, but you only have to do it for 11 days. Besides, if Valerie Jarrett would take her head out of her ass for just a moment, and think about it – she may even agree.

Third recommendation: Rein in you advisers: I don’t know who’s worse, O, Axelrod, Cutter or Gibbs, but seeing their faces on TV every day – continually lambasting Romney (whose favorability with voters now exceeds yours), and never accepting blame for anything – even when it flies in the face of logic – only serves to reinforce the desperation of your campaign and your refusal to ever take responsibility for anything. Keep these clowns away from the camera for the next 11 days, O. Trust me.

There you have it, O. While I believe that this is the best course of action for your campaign over the next 11 days, it’s my genuine hope that you will completely ignore everything I’ve said.


A Concerned American