Obama Media Group Attack on Romney will be a Sight to Behold!


Now that it’s all but certain that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee, the dutiful Obama Media Group and its left-wing lapdogs are wasting no time in firing up their transparent campaign against the former Massachusetts governor. This week’s offering? Mitt’s “polygamist” ancestor and the “controversial” faith of Mormonism.

Never mind B. Hussein’s philandering alcoholic father – a Muslim who “converted” to atheism, had multiple wives, was thrown out of Harvard, and harbored an “anti-colonialism” ideology which the son admires with a socialistic reverence unseen since the days of Vladimir Lenin’s mental masturbation over the teachings of Karl Marx. No problem. No “controversy” there, huh?

And the left-wing media bristles with laughable righteous indignation every time its blatant liberal bias is laid bare for all the world to see. Please.

Mike Taibbi of NBC – Obama water-carrier extraordinaire – described this week how Mitt Romney’s ancestors settled in Mexico during the late 1800′s: “Mitt has said and written almost nothing about them over the years. One of his rare quotes, that they left the U.S. to escape persecution for their religious beliefs.” (Ah, the Mormonism set-up comment.)

The Obama sock puppet continued: “In fact, Mitt’s great-grandfather, Miles Park Romney, led that first expedition to escape not persecution but prosecution for polygamy – what Mormons called ‘plural marriage.’” (As opposed to “drunken womanizing.”)

Wow, Mike – that didn’t take long, did it? Funny, I googled “Mike Taibbi comments on Barack Obama’s philandering father” and got nothin’.

Claiming that Mitt Romney has “ignored his Mexican roots” and that the Romney family’s Mormon faith remains “controversial” in Mexico, Taibbi said Mitt should “just tell the whole story, even about the family’s polygamist past that died with the great-grandfather Miles.” These hypocritical bastards have no shame.

Taibbi observed: “Those strong and persistent anti-Mormon sentiments led to Mitt Romney’s “Faith in America” address during his first presidential run four years ago. But for the most part, he hasn’t publically discussed his religion in detail.” Incredible.

Where can I read your call for B. Hussein to “tell the whole story,” Mike? When have you called for the Boy King to discuss the well-documented womanizing of his father? Where can I read your pleas for Barack Obama to come clean about his drunken father’s controversial anti-colonialism ideology, and whether the son was impacted by that ideology? (See: “Faith from my Father,” by B. Hussein.)

Make no mistake, folks; the Obama Media Group will be reach new “heights” (despicable lows) in its attacks against Mitt – and its defense of the Boy King. When the liberal media knows that its Dear Leader is wounded, it will stop at nothing in its efforts to prop him up – and destroy all who would stand in their way. Tass would be proud indeed.

 I hear Uncle Onyango is acting up again.

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