Feds Close Pot Shops; Is Medical Marijuana Up in Smoke?


In a move certain to cause Jerry Garcia to roll over in his grave – not to mention the angering of butt loads of potheads nationwide – the federal government ratcheted up it’s war on “medical” marijuana last week by forcing California’s “medical” marijuana dispensaries to shut down – or face criminal prosecution. It’s about time.

Before we go any further, I am not suggesting there are not people with medical conditions who experience temporary relief from smoking marijuana. (Although studies indicate the use of marijuana vs. medication is not conclusive –  and proponents of medical marijuana conveniently ignore (deny) the potential dangers of psychological addition to pot.)

I am also not suggesting that possession of minimal amounts of marijuana for recreational purposes should be criminal; I am suggesting that the whole “medical marijuana” charade – and its allowed-abuse by state governments has become a laughable farce – and a dangerous one as well.

Now that all that’s out of the way, here’s a memo to potheads:

Your straw-dog argument that “marijuana is safer than alcohol” is fatally flawed for two very simple reasons: First – two wrongs don’t make a right; walking up to an innocent guy in the mall and cutting off his right arm isn’t as bad as murdering him, is it? – does that make cutting off his arm okay? Drinking alcohol is not as dangerous as drinking wood turpentine or gasoline, either; does that make it any less wrong to drink alcohol in excess and get behind the wheel of an automobile?

Recent articles in the Los Angeles Times – not exactly a right-wing rag – have shot down two of your most histrionic arguments: “Smoking pot is not addictive,” and “Smoking pot doesn’t impair one’s ability to drive an automobile.” Yep, the LA Times, (along with multiple studies),disputes your long-standing claims that marijuana is not addictive, and marijuana use does not impair your ability to drive. (Here’s a bit of backup from WebMD on marijuana and fatal automobile accidents that you’ll dispute as well.)

(Potheads are now feverishly googling their marijuana-smelling fingers to the bone, as they search for “proof” that both of these arguments are “wrong” – the links of which they will send along – with condescending comments attached.)

Memo #2 to potheads: 

Federal law supercedes state law; the feds are onto the sham – “medical marijuana” is a joke; hundreds of thousands of otherwise healthy potheads buy pot legally – and smoke it every day – for “medicinal purposes.”

Meanwhile, back to the federal government’s crackdown on medical marijuana; California collectives have 45 days to cease operations or face criminal charges and confiscation of their property – even if they are operating “legally” under the state’s medical marijuana law, which was approved by voters in 1996.

According to the Associated Press, U.S. Attorneys sent letters last week to at least 16 dispensaries or their landlords notifying them they are violating federal drug laws. Medical marijuana may be “legal” in California, but federal law prohibits the use of pot for any purpose.

There is at least one bit of wonderful irony here: After two years during which the Obama Regime said it would not move aggressively against medical marijuana providers who abide by state law, the Regime began cracking down earlier this year with threatening letters from U.S. Attorneys to governors and legislators in states which allow the sale of “medicinal cannabis.” The joke’s on you, potheads; welcome to the club.

Perhaps it’s a “coincidence” that avid proponents for the legalization of marijuana and left-wingers as a whole share this in common: Both groups form opinions and come to conclusions as they see fit. They then go about gathering “facts” and “data” which support those opinions and conclusions. (One should not be surprised, given that “group A” is a subset of group “B.”)

Imagine where the world would be if real science operated this way.

Damn, dudes; bummer. Throw on some Led Zeppelin; let’s get medicinally wasted.